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ƪ(ړײ)‎ƪ​​ Nº107 Best way to invoke a joke? 😂 😹

This week I was impressed by this video on how Louis C K tells his jokes. Then, I saw that Lifehacker
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ƪ(ړײ)‎ƪ​​ Nº107 Best way to invoke a joke? 😂 😹
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #107 • View online
This week I was impressed by this video on how Louis C K tells his jokes.
Then, I saw that Lifehacker had already written a post spelling out the key four strategies described:

  1. Make every word (and pause) count. Even though the example joke has a lot of filler words, repeated words, and pauses, they all serve a purpose. They contribute to the right rhythm and timing in the joke, which are crucial for setting up punchlines and making your joke come off as natural rather than rehearsed.
  2. Set up the premise. If you don’t properly set up the premise of your joke, the audience won’t “get” it and your joke will fall flat. Make your premise clear so that they know what you’re getting at and generally where you’re going.
  3. Use a counterpoint to build anticipation. Not every joke needs a counterpoint, but it helps illustrate where your premise is going and emphasizes the premise. 
  4. Stay “in the bit” when the audience is laughing. Rather than moving on to the next part of the joke, or the next joke, use that time to emphasize what you just said with phrases that have the same sentiment.
Takeaway for me was this doesn’t just apply jokes. This is key storytelling secret sauce! Take note! 📝
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