“Tough times don't last, tough people do, remember?”―Gregory PeckEarlier this week, I got a cold call
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“Tough times don’t last, tough people do, remember?”―Gregory Peck
Earlier this week, I got a cold call from someone named Rochelle.
She does business consulting here in Amsterdam, is also from the USA and she is working hard not only survive but thrive in these uncertain times.
I know what it’s like to do outbound sales like that, so I always give sales people a moment for their pitch. Especially, when it is clear that they’re selling their own services.
Long story short: Twotone is considering working with Rochelle and, of course, I suggested that she share a link to her business & tips that I could share here. So, the following points are from her Forbes’ article, entitled “How To Reinvent Your Business To Survive A Recession”:
1. Flee to the Base In times of uncertainly, humans tend to ensure that their basic survival and security needs are covered before indulging in discretionary items. To increase the odds of survival, businesses should seek to get to the base of the proverbial [Maslow] pyramid by providing goods or services related to basic survival and safety, or by finding ways to support businesses that provide goods or services in these areas.
2. Change Delivery Model Consider either introducing a direct to consumer approach or partnering with complementary businesses that may already be delivering to consumers at home. No-contact service oriented businesses may consider moving from in-person to online service models.
3. Communicate Appropriately In the chaos, communication is often neglected. In an environment of crisis fatigue and cognitive overload, take the time to consider the communication approach, anticipate the response and adjust if necessary.
4. Adapt Commercial Strategy Remaining top of mind and reducing customer churn should therefore be a business priority.
5. Make Bold Changes Times of disruption are often the best to implement bold changes in an organization. These include changes related to culture, values and ways of working.
I found these points thought provoking & hopefully they get your wheels turning too!
thank you for reading and have a good weekend,
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I’m stoked!
Here's to reinventing to survive this week!
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