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(ᴗ˳ᴗ)>c[_] Nº220 What's your post-pandemic aesthetic? 🔮 🦠

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(ᴗ˳ᴗ)>c[_] Nº220 What's your post-pandemic aesthetic? 🔮 🦠
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #220 • View online
Hey! How has your week been? Here in Holland, Tuesday was King’s Day (I rode a paddle boat ~10km!), yesterday was my fiancé, Kristy’s birthday, and today I’m sending this from Schiphol already USA bound again to visit my son & daughter. I’ll be getting my 2nd Pfizer shot this trip, as well!
On Saturday, as I was already preparing for this issue, I was really enjoyed Jess from No Fun Mag’s (aka OFFLINE MATTERS) interview with V. Vale. “Who’s V. Vale”, you ask?
“In 1977, he founded as sole proprietor Search & Destroy, San Francisco’s first Punk Rock publication. It was published at City Lights Bookstore, where V. Vale worked and was funded by $100 each from Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg. In 1980, V. Vale launched as sole proprietor RE/SEARCH. V. Vale is most likely the longest-lasting (and still active) Punk publisher. Although Vale released books which include Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Lydia Lunch, and many other Punk notables, RE/SEARCH is actually best known for its impact on the total world of underground culture.” (Read more about that here.)
Jess asked Vale about his core principles towards creativity. His reply:
  1. Try to write in a notebook as soon as you wake up!
  2. Try to work on projects in the morning as soon as you wake up!
  3. Try to work all the time, period.
  4. Take little naps to recharge your creativity—just a few minutes can help!
  5. Try to ‘channel’ or ‘tap into; your subconscious/unconscious… Then when you’re at your computer keyboard you can be ‘channeling’ rather than laboriously trying to ‘write’!!!
Can’t say I’m on board with #3 but I know what he means. Besides, half the time I’m riding, I could say I’m working ; )
Ok, here is one more quote to share with you:
Also, ALLOW CHANCE INTO YOUR LIFE. Protect yourself, of course, but … life is very tricky and very mysterious. Don’t rely on logic, which is essentially superficial and non-inclusive. Heed your first intuition! (regarding people, projects, ideas, etc). And try to keep learning NEW WORDS! Having a cat around can help keep the prison of logic at bay! And remember, AESTHETICS DETERMINES CONSUMPTION. But, what are your “aesthetics”?!? Most people don’t even know!!! -V. Vale
In many ways, we’re hardly out of the pandemic but with lockdowns lifting, millions getting vaccinated and spring weather starting, I think we all could benefit from contemplating what will define our post-pandemic aesthetic.
as always, thank you for reading & sharing!
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📷 Banner image from a recent b&w roll of my daughter & me.

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Here's to contemplating your post-pandemic aesthetic!
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