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(^._.^)ノ Nº208 I know thee by how thou emoji 🔣 🔤

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(^._.^)ノ Nº208 I know thee by how thou emoji 🔣 🔤
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #208 • View online
For issue 208, I’m keeping the intro lightweight:
Here are a few highlights from the article with emojis that I often use:
🙏 — You are a thankful, grateful person. But you may also feel indebted to others or as though your requests or inquiries are an inconvenience to them, requiring nothing less than divine intervention for people to take them on.
❤️/ 😍 / 😘 — You are a loving soul and want everyone around you to feel loved, especially when they’re going through a hard time. Compassion comes naturally to you. Just make sure you’re not giving your love to people who don’t appreciate or deserve it.
🤔 — You are a deep thinker, though maybe to the point of overthinking. You tend to second-guess people’s intentions or are puzzled by their actions. To you, things are not always as they seem. This skepticism is healthy in small doses, but if left unwatched, it could morph into a nasty cynicism.
🔥 / 💯 — You’re an enthusiastic person who sees the awesomeness in everything. But this might make you also prone to downplay your (sometimes rightful) discomfort for certain things, activities, or situations.
🙌 / 🎉 — You’re life’s cheer squad, often celebrating successes — both your own and those of friends and family, be they birthdays or job promotions or small everyday wins. There’s no inherent downside here, except perhaps to ensure that your friends also know you’re there for them when things go wrong.
In text communication, I also try to dig up random emojis regularly to surprise people with. Emoji tracker is handy for that too! (This week’s subject line has the two most rarely used currently: 🔣 & 🔤)
wishing you have a nice week ahead,
Header image this week as feature in our case study & taken by Lian van Leeuwen
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Here's being known by the emojis you use this week!
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