Hello from Holland! For those readers also here in The Netherlands, goedenavond : ) I'm consistently
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Hello from Holland! For those readers also here in The Netherlands, goedenavond : )
I’m consistently trying to up my game with this newsletter and already knew consistency is key but Damian Radcliffe’s eight recommendations to slay your newsletter strategy caught my eye for sure!
As I’ve been recommending others to start a newsletter, I thought to share Damian’s tips here too:
📖1: Consistency of publication –Although reading habits, and open rates, vary, there’s a strong argument for consistency. “Newsletters are the new “Sunday papers,” the Nordic based investor Neil S W Murray has argued
🗣️2: Whose voice is it anyway? – Should newsletters be anonymous, or have a voice – and identity – linked to specific people? Benedict Evans’ weekly media and tech newsletter, which has 140,000+ subscribers, not only curates interesting reads, but also features pithy summaries from Ben – an independent analyst who previously worked for Ender Analysis, NBC Universal and Andreessen Horowitz – on what makes these articles, or stats, interesting. 
🎬3: Include a Call to Action – As WAN-IFRA’s Brian Vesling, has explained, The Washington Post uses newsletters as ”lead generation tools, which they market and promote on social media channels and by email to registered users.” 
🔑4: Unlock the power of your archive – News fatigue is a very real issue for publishers to contend with. What this demonstrates for publishers is the need for a broad content mix, including an opportunity for non-coronarius related stories, including strategies to harness evergreen content. 
👀5: Make it skimmable – Catering for digital readers means paying close attention to your format. Sign-posting different sections, clearly indicating key points though use of bold, hyperlinks, different colours etc. all help. Especially when it comes to newsletters.
💼6: Think B2B not just B2C – Atlantic 57, The Atlantic’s brand agency, is hoping to tap into this potential through Altered, which it describes as “a new platform designed to help brands and marketers navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead.” Alongside articles written by the team, the new initiative also includes a weekly newsletter.
7: Ask questions – Now, more than ever, it’s important for journalists and publishers to be responsive to the needs of their audiences. In a recent webinar hosted by the Center for Health Journalism, Ashley Alvarado, director of community engagement at Southern California Public Radio (KPCC + LAist), revealed that – using tools like Hearken, GroundSource (text) and email – they have received 2,100 questions from their audience and answered 1,800 of them. 
👨‍💻8: Work with what you have – In November 2018, Esquire launched a “micro-membership” programme for their politics writer Charles Pierce. “There was an obscene amount of people, like 60,000 per day, that were visiting his stories,” editor-in-chief Michael Sebastian told Digiday. “It got us thinking that we should build the membership program around Charlie.” A year on, 10,000 subscribers were paying $17.99/year, or $1.99 a month, to gain access to all of his stories (Pierce publishes several times a day), which includes a weekly newsletter. 
Hopefully, you also find these helpful!
Thank you for reading and have a good week ahead,
p.s. please lend a hand in intro'ing this newsletter to others:
p.p.s. if you dig emojis & need extra inspiration as corona-time carries on, here are some handy combos to mitigate the spread of covid-cuties with essentially no words.

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Here's to staying distant but remaining consistent this week!
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