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༼ つ ·̿_·̿ ༽つ Nº183 so outta time its a crime ⌛⏲️ .

I've written about finding time before. Back in Nº86 was a good one! Recently, I've struggled with fi
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༼ つ ·̿_·̿ ༽つ Nº183 so outta time its a crime ⌛⏲️ .
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #183 • View online
I’ve written about finding time before. Back in Nº86 was a good one!
Recently, I’ve struggled with finding time for everything but am making training rides happen, proper sleep, quality time with my partner and our kids and even to read, play guitar and more. Of course, on time of what I do for Twotone.
But why do people typically feel so outta time nowadays?
I read this article by Derek Thompson, Staff writer at The Atlantic, entitled: Three Theories for Why You Have No Time.
I won’t dive in mega deep into it but here’s the TL;DR spoiler alert:

  1. Better technology means higher expectations—and higher expectations create more work.
  2. A lot of modern overwork is class and status maintenance—for this generation and the next.
  3. Technology only frees people from work if the boss—or the government, or the economic system—allows it.
Keep in mind, the author wrote this from an American perspective but I feel it applies quite broadly in practice. Even if, Europeans enjoy more vacation.
Ultimately, Derek says: “Americans tend to use new productivity and technology to buy a better life rather than to enjoy more downtime in inferior conditions. And when material concerns are mostly met, Americans fixate on their status and class, and that of their children, and work tirelessly to preserve and grow it.”
I say downtime is worth more ; )
As always, thank you for reading!
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Here's to prioritizing downtime this week!
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