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། – _ – ། Nº134 Don't flub your 1:1 before it's begun 🤫 🔣
By Jon Woodroof • Issue #134 • View online
We do 1:1’s weekly at Twotone. It is vital.
But it is sometimes easy to breeze through them. Casually reschedule and even occasionally skip them due to the hustle & bustle each week. 
Once things start to feel routine, I feel like that is a good chance to mix things up a bit.
So that’s when titles like: “How to have an honest, effective one-on-one meeting with an employee” catch my eye. Bear with me if you’re rolling your eyes ; )
High-level takeaways of Claire Lew’s awesome article?
  • 🤗 Make empathy your mission. (if this is hard, blame your parents)
  • 😟 ⚡ 😌 Ask questions to uncover two things: tension and energy. So key.
  • 📅 Follow up with a question about what you or the company can do going forward.
  • 👎 Admit what you think you suck at.
  • 🔣 Explain why you need their input.
  • ✌ 🤫 Don’t get defensive. And talk less.
If you’re not doing regular 1:1’s at your work start now & take these tips with you!
As always thank you for reading,
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"Greg Ginn, and apparently, Henry Rollins were huge Dead fans"
Here's to not flubbing your 1:1 before it's begun this week!
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