“I think there is a level of human responsibility that’s out there just from being a human being put
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By Twotone Amsterdam • Issue #99
“I think there is a level of human responsibility that’s out there just from being a human being put here on this earth. You know, I can choose to be a spectator, be somebody that’s not contributing anything, just being a critic even.
I think being wholly a critic in life is a cop out. I’m a bit obsessed with leaving my own mark on this world; a positive mark.” Jacob Bannon of Converge in Rungs in a Ladder
When I turn on Converge nowadays its often for nostalgia and/or to focus. When Jane Doe came out I was like the kid he describes himself as in this documentary by Ian McFarland: confiding in art & music and determining how to make my mark. I re-listened to Jane Doe & Ian’s film short on Jacob today while writing this issue. The quote above got me thinking about the idea of making a / hitting the mark.
We aim above the mark to hit the mark.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson
What does it mean to make a mark? To hit the mark? What makes work meaningful?
Of course, this depends. There are project deliverables, revenue goals & intrinsically motivated personal targets. Perhaps the real mark is to make sure the work is meaningful. You can aim high but feeling that your work matters changes everything. I like this article’s take. It is by Cassie Marketos and asserts that: “Your work will matter, as long as it’s truthful.” It really is that simple: make your work truthful & you’ll make your mark!
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p.s. some Current & Former Client News:

me climbin' in the drops on the Isle of Arran 📷  @russellburton for Road.cc
me climbin' in the drops on the Isle of Arran 📷 @russellburton for Road.cc
Grinduro 2017: Fun times and great racing on the Isle of Arran
This past weekend was Grinduro Scotland. It was incredible!
I was there with Frank & Lester. Our trip deserves its own blog post. And actually, we’re working on short film too. Stay tuned! 
In the mean time, peek this awesome recap by Dave at road.cc!
Josh Hayes Interview – DEATHLESS
“Honestly mixing my love/obsession for bikes with my professional career has been a pretty steep learning curve. You have to learn to not impose your own personal feelings onto what you are working on because what works for you doesn’t work for everyone”
Bit of a long read but so, so worth it. 
Komoot Summer Ride Outs in LDN
My friend Laura is doing some rides with Komoot this summer in the UK. Bummed I can’t make it!
Register for next week here.

50 Smartest Companies 2017 - MITTechReview
MIT’s Technology Review the 50 companies that best combine innovative technology with an effective business model.
Firmhouse Venture Lab – Firm Builders
  • We’re intrigued by the question if entrepreneurship can be taught
  • We’re interested in technology and how it can play a part in everyday business
  • We want to create things
Firmhouse belives that successful companies emerge from committed teams with the ambition and the skills to build a business. With their Venure Lab, they’re helping make that happen. Talk about making/ hiting the mark : )
Playing the long game
If your company isn’t growing and you can’t seem to find the way out, should you shut it down, or keep on going? This took me a while to realize and I wish someone had told me there and then, but…
Short post but a theme I repeat weekly.
International Online Growth Marketing Summit
Online Summits Are Usually Bullshit.
But This One Is Different. 
  1. It’s completely free to watch! No strings attached.
  2. Learn from 15+ actual growth practitioners.
  3. They’ll cover topics on all stages of the Pirate Funnel. 
Focus on the pain: How GuideSpark’s Jon Parisi helps new SDRs convey real value and avoid “happy ears”
In the world of sales development, there is little, if anything, that excites an SDR more than finally booking a demo with a top-tier company after endless reach-outs. 
SaaStock 2017
The conference to learn how to build a category leading B2B SaaS business is doing a European tour this summer. Register for Amsterdam here.
Grinduro Gets A Taste Of Single Malt
Another Grinduro link?? Yes! It was THAT Rad! 
How did ‘good-times vibe’ of Californian Grinduro blend with the peaty Scottish punch of the Isle of Arran? Great photos & write-up Gran Fondo! 📷  snaps by Trev Worsey!
Here's to aiming above the mark and making your work truthful this week!
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