A Novel Connection

By Jackie Lynaugh, Author

Best Selling Author in Family Life and Romance Suspense with a lot of sunshine and happily ever afters for all reading tastes 😎 @TwiddleDeeMe

Best Selling Author in Family Life and Romance Suspense with a lot of sunshine and happily ever afters for all reading tastes 😎 @TwiddleDeeMe

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A Novel Connection - Issue #15 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

The Tradition We Repeat Year After Year.


A Novel Connection - Issue #14

Unlike my other books, which are more female-oriented, this month’s book AT HIS ALL has rooted me out of my comfort zone to explore more about the outer limits — known as MAN. Something I know little about. Ladies, don't panic. We will survive. Men can’t live…


A Novel Connection - October Issue 🔥

Hello Readers, Happy October! I have truly learned something about others and myself over the years as a published author. Top of the list is to honor God in everything I do and along with that, to stop thinking I cannot do something just because someone else…


A Novel Connection 🦋

Why I wrote the story COMPLICATED.My dad was an enormous influence in my life. He was the fun dad, the funny guy, a loving father, a hard worker. I never saw him angry. I dedicate this book to dads.Most dads who take on the responsibility of raising children …


A Novel Connection - Love thy Neighbor.

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to women’s ambition and/or to those who are reinventing life’s GPS goals.I recommend the book AT HER ALL for this month's sneak peek. There is a secret message in the title AT HER ALL. Go ahead, and repeat the title faster…


A Novel Connection - #10 🎬 GIVEAWAY

Can you reveal the character in PLANTATION HILL, who stood behind the bar in the barn and served COKE and Peanuts? Visit me on Facebook and Message me the name of the character. Spoiler alert the scene was in NECTAR 🍊(second series of Plantation Hill). I'm lo…


A Novel Connection - Issue Love Potion #9♥️

Back to the question about Love Potion Number 9. Is it the words or the melody? We could use a lot of love poured all over the earth. Love potions, which were commonplace in the ancient world, have their own classically derived name: philtre. This word traces…


Novel Newsletter - Issue #𝟴 My Lucky Number 🍀

Life is Like a Sandwich © by Jackie Lynaugh “Come home with meand I’ll make you a midnight sandwichwith runny egg yolksand grainy mustard,slices of sweet ham and onions.We will fill our body and mind.Weak and weary after we devour each other,we deserve a good…



The Best Threesome Family Life Fiction Series.Get PLANTATION HILL novel (first series) for .99 cents until the end of February and NECTAR (second series) the first anniversary is (April 4, 2022) a giveaway is coming your way. An update on HART to HART (third …


Novel Newsletter - Issue #6

Where did Palm Beach get its name? Here’s the story.


Novel Newsletter @TwiddleDeeMe 🎁

Dear Readers,At this special time of year, I wanted to express my thanks to all of you. Reading is a powerful tool to navigate the challenges of life. I look forward to the New Year 🎉 and creating more stories to take you on your next adventure. Wishing you a…


Novel Newsletter - Issue #4

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35 KJVThe love of books. Life is a story, and the Bible is the most sold book in history. This Holiday we will tell stories when we gather with family and friends. It’s a learning …


Novel Newsletter - Issue #3

I am nowhere near where I’d hoped to be concerning my novels when I first started writing fiction in 2009 — actually, quite the opposite. My goal was ten titles published in ten years. I relied too much on a safety net so I would feel safe with my stories. Be…


Novel News 🔥 Issue #2

Step into the world of luxury on a captivating private island in Palm Beach, Florida. A place with deep pockets and gorgeous views. Grab your big girl panties and a box of tissues. ​Eve had always been the attention-getter. The big sister who was ahead of her…


Southern Soul Novel News

If you are looking for a more Crime/Romance Novel look no further. INSIDE GLASS TOWERS. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Star Review.Too good to pass up"What a great book from cover to cover! Once you start reading it, you can't put it down. I experienced a lot of emotions throug…