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By Jackie Lynaugh, Author

Novel Newsletter - Issue #6



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Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Dear Reader,
Sorry to have missed December’s Newsletter. What a crazy month. We moved to South Carolina and six days later my husband and I got Covid.
Hope you and yours are well. Don’t forget to join us at www.JackieLynaugh.com for your chance to WIN a pair of cool Sunglasses. Compliments from the novel INSIDE GLASS TOWERS.

Where did Palm Beach get its name? Here’s the story.
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From the Novel AT HER ALL.
Out from the Shadows ©
by Jackie Lynaugh
“I wasn’t born to spoil under anyone’s shadow
and rot like an unhatched egg.
I wasn’t born to follow orders.
I wasn’t born for boredom.
I wasn’t born to satisfy someone else’s needs
to take care of them
or they take care of me
or hide in their arms
or to be taken for granted.
I wasn’t born to follow ideas of what truth is
or to live according to someone beliefs
or to think along their lines
or to learn their facts.
I was born to think independently
I was born to find my own truth
and make my own rules
and find my own way.
I was born to meet life full throttle.
Walk the Appalachian trails.
To be seduced by an alpha male.
Kissed a thousand times
and loved for a million years.
To meet different faces, travel, and learn other cultures.
Watch the stars at night.
Take long walks 
dance on the beach
be swept off my feet
be taken by storm
to be heartbroken
and found again.
I was born to get my hands dirty and
plant a garden and watch it grow.
To get sand between my toes.
Mud on my face.
Sand spurs under my feet.
I was born to jump into the ocean.
Pick up seashells and find starfish.
To go beyond time and space.
To welcome miracles.
To share a wishbone
and make a wish.
To totally lose myself.
I was born to feel everything
and to experience everything.
The bitter taste of sorrow.
The foul taste of hatred.
The sweet taste of love.
I was born to learn how to be graceful.
I was born to know the truth
and learn how to give to I have nothing more.
To work hard and play hard.
To pray.
I was born to learn how to speak the language of love
and unlock my heart.
How to take care of my health.
Learn how to let go of all expectations
and let the future unfold like an unwrapped present.
I was born to learn how it feels to lose everything
except for the things that matter.
I am born to spread my wings 
fly towards the sun
burn into ashes
fall to the earth and rise again.
I will be proud of my scars and my wrinkles.
My stories.
My memories.
My wisdom.
My freedom.
I was born to be free
and therefore, time will let me live my
life out from the shadows.”
AT HER ALL, a bottle of lies.
Chick Book Club Group
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Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Jackie Lynaugh, Author @twiddledeeme

Best Selling Author in Family Life and Romance Suspense with a lot of sunshine and happily ever afters for all reading tastes 😎 @TwiddleDeeMe

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