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Novel Newsletter - Issue #4

Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35 KJV
The love of books. Life is a story, and the Bible is the most sold book in history. This Holiday we will tell stories when we gather with family and friends. It’s a learning process not to repeat our past. Some stories we tell over and over because life is a process. Some stories are funny, some we never forget, and some we wish we could. It’s easy to believe that only fiction writers need to be concerned about spinning a compelling narrative, and outside of biographies and make-believe, accurately conveying information is all that matters. But storytelling is an essential part of life. It can heal the human spirit. Words evoke emotion or a wake-up call of many aha moments. 
At this moment, you are living the story of your life. Why not write it to live on for others. We all evolved by understanding the world through stories. That’s what our brains do. We filter information and put it into a story to make sense of everything that unfolds on our path. It’s so much in our DNA to learn. It’s a continuous process; no one knows everything. We watch life outside of ourselves, and we file what we see and learn in our brains for storytelling. 
Time is the most precious thing. It slips away, never to be relived again, or feel, touch, smell. Yes, we touch, feel, smell, and live through stories. It could be a crisis or a moment you never want to forget, like a child being born or a wedding in the family, or mom baking bread. Let’s face it, anything could happen at any moment. 
There is a story here unfolding called AT HER ALL, a bottle of lies. God knows every story is not fiction, it’s life. It’s a road traveled by many who have learned what it means when you’re on the job training. A thousand people can read the same book and get a thousand different meanings. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and a thousand stories. A story is not ink on paper or words across an iPad, or computer screen, it’s life. 
Will the main character in AT HER ALL, Lara Faye Edison, life’s story change the worldview about human’s nasty little habits? Will the superhero find her way? Will Lara find happily ever after? Often, it takes multiple throws of the dice to learn why life is Heaven and Earth.
I always said I was a better storyteller than a writer, but you can’t write without a story.
Here’s to life. Happy Holidays.
AT HER ALL a bottle of lies. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.🪶
AT HER ALL a bottle of lies. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.🪶
Great Gift for the Holidays
PLANTATION HILL: A Place Where Money Grows on Trees. (Plantation Hill Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Jackie Lynaugh. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @
1. This book is better than a beach vacation because you won’t get sand between the sheets.
2. This book is better than Coco Banana Bread because you can binge on it and never gain a single pound.
3. This book will not flood spam emails to your inbox because computers don’t exist.
4. This book will not call to sell you a car extended warranty because cell phones do not exist.
5. This book will help you realize it’s time to update your last will and testament.
6. This book will change your bad habits to good habits in church because the crazy one-eyed monster can act up anywhere.
7. This book will teach you how to use body language to mesmerize any man.
8. This book will clarify in detail how to avoid jail time.
9. This book reveals how to marry a wealthy, tall, handsome man with a southern accent and a tractor.
10. This book will take you to a place you will never want to leave called PLANTATION HILL.
Talk about a lifesaver. Y’all can thank me later.
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Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Jackie Lynaugh, Author @twiddledeeme

Best Selling Author in Family Life and Romance Suspense with a lot of sunshine and happily ever afters for all reading tastes 😎 @TwiddleDeeMe

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