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By Jackie Lynaugh, Author

A Novel Connection - Love thy Neighbor.



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Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Jackie Lynaugh, Author
We know that “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the second commandment. The novel AT HER ALL goes above and beyond the divine rule of neighborly.

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to women’s ambition and/or to those who are reinventing life’s GPS goals.
I recommend the book AT HER ALL for this month’s sneak peek. There is a secret message in the title AT HER ALL. Go ahead, and repeat the title faster, AT HER ALL. The story’s focus is not just on a popular college drug. It’s about the illusion of justice. The leading lady Lara Faye Edison, a student at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine living in the Southern part of Heaven, turns into a whodunit. The question is, will Lara stay, or will she leave the love of her life? Will she step out from the shadows and find herself again after trauma? Remember, everything is not what it seems. And there is nothing either good or bad, but only what you think makes it so. For instance, “Blind Justice” happens every day.
In the early 90s, my college years at Winona State University in Minnesota differed from Lara Faye Edison’s main character in the story AT HER ALL. My WSU poetry professor was visually distracting and my most arousing class. I dove deep into this manuscript, pulling out college memories before I began my corporate career at IBM. I did things a little backward in my life. I married very young, had a family, then went to college, and never stopped dreaming of writing. Let’s step into the light and out from the shadows and explore this month’s book, AT HER ALL, a bottle of lies.
Click below for some pretty words in a poem I wrote for the novel AT HER ALL.
Out from the Shadows.
Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Channel and get AT HER ALL's secret message. 🤐
Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Channel and get AT HER ALL's secret message. 🤐
Never ignore a gut feeling. Because some things can never be erased. AT HER ALL, a bottle of lies.
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Jackie Lynaugh, Author
Jackie Lynaugh, Author @twiddledeeme

Best Selling Author in Family Life and Romance Suspense with a lot of sunshine and happily ever afters for all reading tastes 😎 @TwiddleDeeMe

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