The UPbeat with Amy Wood

A positive take on the weeks news and events.

A positive take on the weeks news and events.

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Plenty of BOO this weekend - Issue #20

We were the first North American plant and now Spartanburg County is home to the first North American electric vehicle plant for one of the worlds most esteemed and luxurious car makers. A $1.7 billion investment - a brand-new battery assembly facility in Woo…



So much to do at this year's main street gathering! Downtown will explode with activity, music and soooooo much food! 7NEWS will have our tent near the Camperdown #7OnMain studio, so I hope you will say hello - I am there from 4 to 6 Saturday! Check out our F…


My Sanibel memories and what happened to Oct- Issue #18

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SALES - plus - Issue #17

If it's a four-day work week for you, your week is likely to be better than mine! Ha! Enjoy and take care of yourself! If you enjoy the newsletter please forward it to a friend or two and ask them to sign up! And if you'd like news headlines WSPA has an optio…


Hate Fall? Don't your dare open this - Issue #16

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The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #15

It's official - having the option to figure out if it's allergies or something else from the comfort of your own home for free is coming to an end. If you didn't order any of the free home COVID-19 tests the government provided, it's now or never. Congress di…


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #14

Thanks so much for being here! Hope you have a wonderful week! We have lots of back-to-school coverage planned. So many teachers are still trying to fill their lists. You can donate or add more here. Wishing everyone a wonderful start! If you want news headli…


CNBC says SC's the worst! Maybe it's cause bears are hitting the city. Issue #13


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #12

I'm in denial. The clock is clicking until my youngest leaves for college! REPLY with empty nest survival tips! And dorm room tips for that matter. It's been eight years since we did the first move-in. I'm sure there are all kinds of new tips and tricks! Love…


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #11

Every July 11th, it's cheer up the lonely day! So if you know anyone who might be in that boat, go out of your way today to make them feel the love!


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #10

We did it! TEN issues! So happy to be connecting with you in yet another way. Feel free to send me suggestions! Appreciate you being here! 💓


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #9

So much going on! Here are some highlights. And more lists too if you care to click. Enjoy your 4th and stay safe!🎆 20 places to see fireworks on the 4th🎆 Five of the best fireworks shows in SC🎆 Fireworks shows in the Upstate


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #8

Beer lovers! This one's for you! Double Stamp brewery is showing off this new gadget that creates custom designs on your brewski!


Amy Wood's The UPbeat - Issue #7

🌞 I spoke to the folks at Elf Leaf Farm - there's another lavender picking weekend coming up! WATCH and learn more.


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #6

🤪 Friday this indoor playground opens after months of prep on the Camperdown Plaza in Greenville!It's movie-themed mini-golf, ax throwing, ping pong, ice curling, and karaoke all in one eye-stopping extravaganza. You don't know what to do first! It's complete…


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #5

🗳 Time to get out the vote! Lots of races for you to vote in across the state of SC. These are the folks who fix the roads, run your schools, and keep your cities and towns on track. Want to see who is on your ballot and check out where you go to vote? I will…


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #4

💰 Better get shopping for dad! Desperate for ideas? I always am. There are different price points below.


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #3

👑 During the big 70th Jubilee concert for Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and the prince had a mommy moment any parent can appreciate. Louis was out for a reaction. Little did he know he was helping moms and dads and grandparents feel a little better about th…


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #2

🏨 I walk on my breaks around Falls Park in Greenville and have watched the Bohemian Hotel go up month after month after month. Now they’re taking reservations! It’s situated right next to the Liberty Bridge with views of Falls Park.


The UPbeat with Amy Wood - Issue #1

🇺🇸 Four day work week. It always throws me off! I will think it’s Monday all day Tuesday. Are you with me?!? I posted a photo of my husband’s cousin Sammy Sneed. He died in Vietnam. I hope we all took a moment to reflect on so many who have laid their lives d…