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Try Catch Essentials: - For HR leaders, recruiters, founders and hiring managers - Handpicked essential reading on important topics in HR and Tech - Sent to you in 4 easily-digestible issues per month

Try Catch Essentials:

- For HR leaders, recruiters, founders and hiring managers
- Handpicked essential reading on important topics in HR and Tech
- Sent to you in 4 easily-digestible issues per month

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Professional Cultures 4/4 👔 Corporate Culture

Not unlike 1961 when John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, now is a time of decisions - but unlike Kennedy’s case to ask what the people can do for their country, Paul and I consider the questions now are more akin to asking both what can your culture do for y…


Professional Cultures 3/4 👩‍💻 Company Culture

So much has developed and changed in this world over the course of seven days since one I was writing and re-writing last week's issue.Work at Try Catch has changed, the way we work together has changed, the way we connect outside of the team has changed.Agil…


Professional Cultures 2/4 👨‍💻 Workplace Culture

How to accurately discuss workplace culture when the entire world is quite literally shifting resources and advices daily?We described an aspect of workplace culture as:"Related to the mundane and day-to-day aspects of behavior and actions shared by the overa…


Professional Cultures 1/4 💼 Culture at Work

We like to think that the title of this issue is a clever one.Because of the ambiguity leant by the intentional word order: in this issue we're talking not only of culture, at work; culture-at-work; but also culture at work - in case punctuation helps establi…


Employer Branding 4/4 ❎ Measurements

Almost every article we looked at made a point to express that measuring the value of a brand is a difficult task, branding is a still a semi-esoteric semi-quantifiable concept that we're absolutely not suggesting is akin to snake oil - but "branding" is as a…


Employer Branding 3/4 #️⃣ Employee Experience

In the scheme of things, 'perks' or 'engagement initiatives' are often just cosmetic - we talked about perks in the first issue of this series - things like: free beer on Fridays, open work space, competitive salary.When an employee is talking about the job/e…


Employer Branding 2/4 ⤵️ Employer Brand Touchpoints

Marketing Attribution Models are designed to determine which touchpoints are deserving of the most attention from the marketing budget of an organization based on trackable instances.Taken from the Essential Read:Marketing attribution is the way in which mark…


Employer Branding 1/4 ✅ Employee/Employer Value Proposition

An internet search for "employer branding" or "employer value proposition" yields pages and pages of search engine optimized content marketing articles from marketing agencies all sort of saying the same thing, EVP comes down to the unique policies, programs,…


💻 Hyper-Growth Essentials + Download

Next month’s topic is Company Culture, we’ll be taking deep dives into how company culture is fostered, how to succeed on culture initiatives and other insights from the web.


Hyper-growth 4/4 💗 Scaling Culture

Harvard Business Review is back again in our Essential Read section. This time, the article highlights four clear key-points to consider while managing the culture in a hyper-growth environment.While hyper-growth companies face many challenges, there's resear…


Hyper-growth 3/4 🧮 Resource Allocation

Hiring is as important as it is time-consuming.From the feast of internet guides and essays, we can glean that the two most suggested options are: either delegate candidate sourcing and recruitment responsibilities to in-house employees OR to out-of-house tal…


Hyper-growth 2/4⛽️ Hyper-Growth Preparation

This month's read is a bit of a throwback, the 2008 Harvard Business Review article that coined the term "hypergrowth" on the internet.Its reference to hyper-growth is an undoubtedly dated one, however the principles are the same - it needs to be done right -…


Hyper-growth 1/4 🚀 Impact Hiring

Nazy Kerr, Head of Growth at Harver describes hyper-growth in her interview with Recruitee's Adrie Smith as:So, hyper-growth, ... is really multiple vacancies that are open across lots of different departments. So, understanding that an organization is growin…


💫 2019 Year-End Perspectives 3/4

We'll continue our 2019 Year-End Perspectives for one more Friday in December.We're dying to know what you ate over the holiday so hit reply and attach a picture so we can all test a theory of digitally induced postprandial sleepiness.Try Catch Essentials wil…


2019 Year-End Perspectives 2/4

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2019 Year-End Perspectives 1/4

LinkedIn Top Voices 2019 ListsThis week, LinkedIn published their Top Voices lists for several countries - and no doubt will be publishing more as the month continues. We'll update this section each week to include more lists.The Netherlands (Dutch)Spain (Spa…


Diversity in Tech Ep. 8/8 | LBGTQ+ Inclusion in Tech

It is important to start off that in researching this issue for the newsletter, finding an essential read was difficult.As these articles articulate, and evidenced by our search for coverage, LBGTQ+ has taken a backseat in the Diversity & Inclusion spotli…


Diversity in Tech Ep. 7/8 | True Gender Inclusion in Tech

In the experience of many transgender people who have physically transitioned their gender identity presentation - there is an apparent cultural trend in the tech industry as to how an individual is treated based on their perceived gender.People who have tran…


Diversity in Tech Ep. 6/8 | Inclusive Leadership

In the 5 years that Diversity in Tech first became a hot topic on the internet, there have been a growing number of studies and documentation showing that tech companies are not immune to the hard data that they produce.It has become important to the discours…


Diversity in Tech Ep. 5/8 | Women in the Workplace

Founded by Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, whose 2010 TEDTalk inspired a book and an organization of the same name, Lean In, in partnership with McKinsey & Co, have just published their 2019 annual report on Women in the Workplace.While women make up …