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Hyper-growth 4/4 💗 Scaling Culture

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Hyper-growth 4/4 💗 Scaling Culture
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #17 • View online
Morning, Friday.
It’s Kerry from Try Catch, we’re here with our last perspective of the January topic of Try Catch Essentials: Hyper-growth.
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We’ve looked into a lot of logistical challenges with hiring, preparation and resource allocation for hyper-growth; and in this issue we’re looking into how culture reflects the changes in a company during and after hyper-growth phases.
Culture is an important aspect of the 2020 business landscape, from cultural fit from candidates to company culture - it’s not a topic any HR department can afford to ignore.
There are plenty of vocal hyper-growth evangelists who promote the culture around it and covet those that who have come out the other side of the gauntlet and those that adamantly oppose the concept.
We’ve talked a lot about figuratively securing everything you can before the hypothetical “blast-off,” but there are some things that you cannot account for beforehand and have to roll with the punches.
This is how you work with culture in mind as your team grows and you face high-speed daily challenges.
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Scaling Culture and the Culture of Scaling
Harvard Business Review is back again in our Essential Read section. This time, the article highlights four clear key-points to consider while managing the culture in a hyper-growth environment.
While hyper-growth companies face many challenges, there’s research shows that talent is their primary growth challenge - and one of their biggest priorities is how to scale and maintain culture to promote and retain talent.
Culture is such an interesting concept to consider as something that is manufactured within a company, when in reality, culture exists alongside any relational interaction.
Consider these check-points within organizations of all sizes, but as the stakes are high during hyper-growth, its more pertinent to nail these down early to make them stick.
Scaling Culture Checklist
  • Define culture in terms of clear, observable behaviors.
  • Build an accessible, digital library of learning content. 
  • Use blended learning programs to scale culture training.
  • Ensure managers relentlessly reinforce target behaviors.
Read on for deeper explanations and examples from the Harvard Business Review.
The Essential Read
Scaling Culture in Fast-Growing Companies
The Additional Reads
Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company | Medium
Mastering Hypergrowth Infographics | World Economic Forum
Have A Listen
MasterClass CEO David Rogier’s Top Four Tips for Hyper Growth by IVP's Hyper-Growth Podcast | SoundCloud
Balancing Hyper Growth and Company Culture | Org 3D
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