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Hyper-growth 3/4 🧮 Resource Allocation

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Hyper-growth 3/4 🧮 Resource Allocation
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #16 • View online
Morning, Friday.
It’s Kerry from Try Catch, we’re back at it again with another perspective of the January topic of Try Catch Essentials: Hyper-growth.
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We mentioned in our first entry in this series, we’re using the definition of hyper-growth as multiple vacancies that are open across many different departments, therefore by filling these positions a company grows by significant percentages.
With limited personnel and resources available, teams preparing to grow by hundreds of percentage points will absolutely feel the pressure of staying on-course while simultaneously interviewing, hiring and on-boarding.
This is where Try Catch can come in to alleviate these stresses from your team, by pre-screening and curating candidates we can select and introduce only top-tier cultural fit and skilled candidates to your organization.
Read on to learn about how properly allocating resources is necessary during growth phases of an organization, especially during hyper-growth when the stakes and speed of decisions are high.
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Allocating Resources and Effective Delegation
Hiring is as important as it is time-consuming.
From the feast of internet guides and essays, we can glean that the two most suggested options are: either delegate candidate sourcing and recruitment responsibilities to in-house employees OR to out-of-house talent acquisition groups.
These are key suggestions from this week’s Essential Read to best handle hyper-growth engineer hiring:
  • Work in lockstep with recruiting to streamline the process
  • Test your first-round technical interviews to ensure they identify talent that meets your bar
  • Ensure your interviews are structured, consistent, but are part of a flexible and fast process
  • Reduce the amount of time software engineers spend interviewing altogether
The Essential Read
Are you stuck in the Catch-22 of hiring for hyper-growth?
The Additional Reads
Is the Tech Talent War Hurting Innovation? Hiring Managers and Tech Recruiters Respond | Indeed Blog
The Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth | First Round Review
Who to Follow
We had a cheeky Google search yielding pretty hilarious results (people must reeaalllly care about having a high follower count on Instagram), but in the end we discovered Maxeme Tuchman, CEO and Co-Founder of Caribu. Maxeme has a litany of awards and achievements on top of maintaining a modest yet respectable follower base on Instagram. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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When organizations scale so quickly, the culture is bound to alter with it. We’ll dive into perspectives of when to stay vigilant and when to let culture happen.
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