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Hyper-growth 2/4⛽️ Hyper-Growth Preparation





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Try Catch Essentials
Hyper-growth 2/4⛽️ Hyper-Growth Preparation
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #15 • View online
Morning, Friday.
It’s Kerry from Try Catch, we’re back at it again with another perspective of the January topic of Try Catch Essentials: Hyper-Growth.
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Last week, we dove into a brief explanation of Hyper-Growth, and featured a great interview with the Head of Growth at Harver, Nazy Kerr.
She prescribed that a key component of coming out of hyper-growth is focussing on Impact Hires: candidates that punch above their weight in their roles and contribute, thrive and drive the company culture.
This week, we’re covering Hyper-Growth Preparation: what you can do to prepare your hiring machine and processes before the blast-off of the hockey stick shape curve.
Taken from Alexander Izosimov, author of this week’s Essential Read:
That’s the first lesson we learned about hypergrowth: It’s over almost before you know it.
The second lesson is that it’s an experience that either kills your company or makes it much stronger. 
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Essential Reading on Hyper-Growth
Essential Reading on Hyper-Growth
Hyper-Growth Preparation
This month’s read is a bit of a throwback, the 2008 Harvard Business Review article that coined the term “hypergrowth” on the internet.
Its reference to hyper-growth is an undoubtedly dated one, however the principles are the same - it needs to be done right - the process has only gotten faster and more digital thanks to almost 12 years technical and business developments.
Here’s a preview of the five rules focussed on in the founding document of hyper-growth:
  • Rule #1 Sell First and Ask Questions Later
  • Rule #2 Don’t Try Too Hard to Innovate
  • Rule #3 Organize Like McDonald’s
  • Rule #4 Push Decisions Out to the Front Line
  • Rule #5 Foster a Can-Do Culture
Read below to discover the basics and how to apply them to prepare for hyper-growth periods.
The Essential Read
Managing Hypergrowth | Harvard Business Review
The Additional Reads
Report: Mastering Hypergrowth | World Economic Forum
The 3 Stages of Hypergrowth | Drift on SlideShare
7 Tips To Improve Your Hyper-Growth Hiring Strategy | Harver
Who to Follow
Sarah Nahm, CEO of Lever - a recruitment software built around candidate experience - has great insight and tips for hiring during hyper-growth. Based on her first-hand experience from design, product, engineering, marketing and speechwriting. Before founding Lever, she worked as a Product Marketing Manager on Google Chrome. This time last year, she talked about hiring for hyper-growth on the HR & recruitment podcast, Drift’s Seeking Wisdom - you can find that episode here and you can find Sarah on LinkedIn and Twitter.
What's Happening
HYPERGROWTH London 2020: Modern Leadership Event By Drift
Have A Listen
Masters of Scale, an original podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman
Next Up
We’ll be in your inbox again next Friday morning at 9:10 discussing Resource Allocation.
We’ll take a look at some techniques for hitting hiring targets without sacrificing product deadlines.
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See you again next Friday!
Try Catch Thursdays - Bowling Edition
Try Catch Thursdays - Bowling Edition
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