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Employer Branding 4/4 ❎ Measurements

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Employer Branding 4/4 ❎ Measurements
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #22 • View online
Morning, Friday.
It’s Kerry from Try Catch, pushing out the final week of February with Marian Jarzak, Employer Branding Enthusiast from Berlin and author of the Talent Crush blog.
It’s our last issue together on this topic, pour one out. 😢
The February topic of Try Catch Essentials is Employer Branding.
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Those with casual curiosity about Employer Branding Measurements are hard pressed to find anything to hold onto from online search results - we know, we looked.
Alas, such is the struggle in 2020: topics with massive LinkedIn #communities yield search results padded by SEO’d content marketing articles. Surely, an expected state of things considering the internet isn’t a free service.
However, have no fear, Marian and I have sifted through, boiled down and served up our best advice to understand measurement basics of Employer Branding in this issue of our free newsletter!
Employer Branding Data can be sliced in myriad ways to try to uncover what values are important to quantify and what decision-makers and stakeholders are interested in.
Knowing what to measure and how to present it is a quandary shared by many departments when compiling reports, but because employer branding is so intersectional - utilizing choice measurements often comes down to company specifics and the background of the EB owners.
Ensuring that an EB strategy aligns with the trajectory that a company is pursuing will determine which types of KPIs to focus on during any given phase, for example if a company is enjoying a sustainable growth - the EB manager might evaluate that the best use of their time and resources are spent on monitoring and investing in retention measurements.
Retention Measurements can be a combination of marketing, talent, EX and HR metric tracking, such as: detailing turnover KPIs, employee benefit distribution rates, employee referrals, et cetera.
Quality of Candidate Attraction can be a focus when a company is expecting to enter a growth period, tracking initiatives can be shifted to: monitoring candidate attraction KPIs in relationship to quality of candidates KPIs, re-evaluating EVPs, as well as time to fill resulting in improved business productivity.
These are just two examples of perspectives that can be monitored by interdisciplinary EB measurements - it’s up to the initiative of the strategy and the of the EB management to determine what should be focussed on at key phases, however the key is that focus must be had.
If measurements are shifting constantly, reflections on the data will be difficult to draw - then we start missing the point of EB: to accurately understand and portray the employer and the employee relationships which has been differentiated from competitors.
Read on to learn some examples of how you can begin to look at how branding can be measured and some great examples of key measurements I gleaned from a conversation I had with Nate Guggia this week.
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Employer Branding Measurements
Almost every article we looked at made a point to express that measuring the value of a brand is a difficult task, branding is a still a semi-esoteric semi-quantifiable concept that we’re absolutely not suggesting is akin to snake oil - but “branding” is as a holistic of a concept as “culture” is and thus not accurately measured.
In an attempt to make measurements more concrete, here are some examples of EB KPIs to monitor:
  1. Increases in awareness that lead to more applicants and reports on how these applicants translate to hires
  2. Increases in conversion rates of interested applicants after implementing employer branding tactics
  3. Decreases in time to fill correlated to resulting company productivity
  4. Decreases in third party recruiter spend
Naturally, there’s more nuanced and thinner ways one can choose to slice the data in order to determine KPIs, but these are great places to start thinking about measurement and what sort of behavior is being affected as a result.
The fundamental thinking point of marketing as a whole is to understand what behavior an initiative is looking to change.
Beamery’s blog recommends a Talent Promoter Score which attempts to measure how likely an employee is to refer friends/colleagues to your organization, the more this is rewarded should correlate to an increase of this behavior.
Stack Overflow’s blog quotes a “27% of developers found their current position through referrals,” you can read more in the Additional Reads below.
I had a call this week with Nate Guggia, Employer Branding + Candidate Experience Specialist at Job Portraits, to find out about Employer Branding realities and establishing clear measurements for those looking to understand employer branding impacts, from his perspective.
Nate’s top 2 EB Measurements:
  1. Conversion
  2. Retention
Nate compared the tech industry’s employer branding & recruitment efforts to those of outbound sales thus similar measurements can be applied to understand it.
Conversion is a common rate measured by many departments, however in the EB mindset: conversion can be measured by comparing the ratios of views per application to ratios of interviews per hire - the promoted behavior is attract enthusiastic and qualified applicants.
Retention is a really important measurement to establish, while researching why employees do/don’t want to stay at a company can work not only as plugging turnover holes, but also show candidates a level of brand self-awareness which can increase confidence in the perception of an employer.
Read the reflection by Ken Banta and Michael Watras in Harvard Business Review’s take on ensuring the EB efforts can only be impactful if it’s goals understood from the C-suite then making KPIs actually impactful.👇
The Essential Reads
Why We Need to Rethink “Employer Brand” | Harvard Business Review
The Additional Reads
11 Employer Branding Metrics To Measure Success | Harver
Six Tech Recruiting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) You Need to Measure | Stack Overflow Blog
How Can You Measure Your Employer Brand Success? | The Undercover Recruiter
Next Up
We’ll be in your inbox again next Friday morning at 9:10 for March’s first issue covering Company Culture this time just.
It was great working with Marian on this month’s issues, thanks so much for making the time for my calls and questions - Marian is super knowledgeable about measurement and other traits of employer branding and if you wanna chat with him about all things EB: connect with him on LinkedIn.
Next week we’ll be looking at living up to the values of a company culture and why creating culture can be so difficult.
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Have a great weekend!
~ Marian & Kerry
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