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Employer Branding 1/4 ✅ Employee/Employer Value Proposition

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Employer Branding 1/4 ✅ Employee/Employer Value Proposition
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #19 • View online
Morning, Friday.
It’s Kerry from Try Catch, we’re back with the Try Catch Essentials Newsletter, it’s a leap year this year (in case you didn’t know, you busy professional, you) any plans for your extra day this month?
In case you’re new to joining us, each month we curate must-reads concerning an important topic.
The February topic of Try Catch Essentials is Employer Branding.
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This month is a special series for us because it marks our first newsletter collaboration!
We’ve partnered with Marian Jarzak, Employer Branding Enthusiast from Berlin, and together we’re co-authoring this month’s newsletter content!
You can check out his blog, Talent Crush, here!
I’m, personally, very excited to gain direct insights from someone who has been involved in the Employer Branding aspect of the HR industry for years as he’ll be able to share personal experience and insights that you just can’t find in a search!
Employer Branding, according to the wikipedia entry, can be defined as the intersection of Human Resources and Marketing disciplines.
If the potential customer is the target audience of traditional marketing and the ideal conversion is from potential customer customer to satisfied customer then to loyal customer, then potential employee is the target audience for employer branding, the ideal conversion is from potential employee to employee to satisfied employee to loyal employee/ambassador.
Read on to learn what an employee/employer value proposition (EVP) is and why it is an integral metric to define and how it is useful to leverage for effective employer branding.
As always, we’d ♥️ it if you’d share this newsletter to people in your network, and there are sure to be some new eyes on this issue thanks to our collaboration with Marian - access our archive of back-issues here to find out what we’ve covered in the past.
If you have a great contribution to this month’s topic, or want to learn more from Marian’s insights, we’re just a reply button click away. 📥

Employee/Employer Value Proposition
An internet search for “employer branding” or “employer value proposition” yields pages and pages of search engine optimized content marketing articles from marketing agencies all sort of saying the same thing, EVP comes down to the unique policies, programs, rewards and benefits that you offer candidates.
Simply put, it’s why people would want to join your organization.
Having the privilege of Marian co-author this series helps avoid the internet content designed to ensnare clicks from Google to conversions rather than for informational purposes.
Many of these articles/listicles offer up some good example, but looking for a clear, defined articulation of EVP to present to our readers has been difficult - so Marian and I came up with a definition ourselves:
EVP is a carefully considered esoteric-but-quantified-from-data metric that gives tangible evidence as to what an employer offers an employee and why a prospective candidate would be compelled to join an organization based on an employer brand audit.
An EVP is a quantified and validated explanation of what the company’s “secret sauce” is and how employers express their experiences of the “secret sauce.”
The goal of establishing an EVP is not only to understand the opinion and realities of individuals’ experiences with an employer and share that information, but for brand accountability with validation in terms of what employers are claiming as EVP on job listings, career pages, and in interviews.
Poor examples of EVPs are:
  • Unlimited free coffee and beer
  • Open workspace
  • “Every meeting feels like a party”
  • Unlimited vacation
  • “Not like the other companies”
  • Market Appropriate Salary
Because of low-unemployment rates enjoyed by many countries, and the rise of skilled workers especially in the tech sector, job-seekers have the pick-of-the-litter when it comes to prospective employers.
As millennial populous representation has overtaken the previous generation, it has become clear that the digital near-natives do diligent research on a company before they take the first move to apply and have very deep ethos that companies need to align with to be even considered as a potential workplace.
*Disclaimer: both authors of this newsletter are members of the millennial generation.
Understanding a company’s own EVP is key to attracting top talent, as well as an opportunity to re-evaluate messaging and use the language aligned with current and perspective employees.
Workplace & employer review websites like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn act as tools in the both the employee’s and the employer’s tool box, as it offers (albeit not completely accurate or transparent) a perspective on how former and current employees rate their experiences associated with a company.
Read on to learn why EVP and the process of uncovering what it truly is that your company has to offer employees from their perspective and how to treat employees with the same consideration and obsession that has been offered to customers for years.
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