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Diversity in Tech Ep. 8/8 | LBGTQ+ Inclusion in Tech





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Try Catch Essentials
Diversity in Tech Ep. 8/8 | LBGTQ+ Inclusion in Tech
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #10 • View online
Morning, Thursday.
Welcome back to the Try Catch Essentials Newsletter.
Each month we curate a selection of must-reads concerning an important topic.
The November topic of Try Catch Essentials is Diversity in Tech.
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In ep. 8 of 8, we’re highlighting LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Tech - just really how inclusive is the tech industry to members of LBGTQ+ identities?
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LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Tech
It is important to start off that in researching this issue for the newsletter, finding an essential read was difficult.
As these articles articulate, and evidenced by our search for coverage, LBGTQ+ has taken a backseat in the Diversity & Inclusion spotlights in the mainstream.
Both of the articles linked at least 5 years old - as in, nothing profound has been covered by prominent media or new research has been documented focussing on this issue demographic.
We combed through dozens of sources, and while many discussed micro-topics such as algorithmic discrimination, no one piece was to the standard that Try Catch Essentials defines.
Perhaps this can serve as a call for renewed interest in the documentation of LBGTQ+ experiences in the industry.
Both of the articles below feature outdated statistics, which is interesting to compare to the current “Diversity Reports” we shared in issue #2 - so pay less attention to the numbers provided and more to the cultural reflections on tech companies.
Perhaps we really missed out in our research - if our readers know of sources with relevant, empirical information regarding LBGTQ+ inclusion in the tech - please share!
The Essential Reads
The Gays And The Tech Industry: An Inclusive Yet Complicated Relationship
How pro-LGBT+ is the tech industry?
The Additional Reads
How to Make Your Company More Inclusive to LGBTQ Workers
'I felt like I had to leave': life as a gay, female tech CEO
Tech Leavers Study PDF
Who to Follow
Unicorns in Tech is a Berlin-based international LBGTQ+ Tech Community and Network, founded by the UHLALA Group. They feature events across Germany, the Netherlands and more - events are always free to attend for members of their app but non-members may also attend.
You can follow them on facebook, instagram and linkedin.
Next Up
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New year, new topic.
January’s topic is Hyper-Growth - how to best grow when you need to and methods to best navigate growing pains.
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