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Diversity in Tech Ep. 6/8 | Inclusive Leadership

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Diversity in Tech Ep. 6/8 | Inclusive Leadership
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #8 • View online
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The November topic of Try Catch Essentials is Diversity in Tech.
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In ep. 6 of 8, we’re highlighting Inclusive Leadership - what traits do inclusive leaders share?
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Inclusive Leadership
In the 5 years that Diversity in Tech first became a hot topic on the internet, there have been a growing number of studies and documentation showing that tech companies are not immune to the hard data that they produce.
It has become important to the discourse of societies to use data to document and hold companies accountable in terms of diversity, inclusion and equity within the industry.
Leaders who are influenced by their ethos and understand that diversity stimulates growth are more likely to promote their team and projects than leaders who act solely to reach targets.
Objectively, the ultimate goal of a leader is to move things forward through the effort of a group.
Four global mega-trends have been defined which are reshaping working environments and influencing business priorities:
  1. diversity of markets
  2. diversity of customers
  3. diversity of ideas
  4. diversity of talent
Juliet Bourke and Bernadette Dillon‘s report is intended to stimulate leaders to consider how traditional notions of leadership must adapt to modern business landscapes.
Read the full report below, where the authors detail 6 traits and 15 elements that make up their inclusive leader model.
The Essential Read
The Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership
The Additional Reads
Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become One
The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight powerful truths
Inclusive Leadership: Unlocking the Value of Diversity and Inclusion
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We’ll explore transgender and non-binary people’s experience with tech’s Diversity & Inclusion practices.
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- Handpicked essential reading on important topics in HR and Tech
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