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Diversity in Tech Ep. 1/8 | The Introduction of Scale

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Diversity in Tech Ep. 1/8 | The Introduction of Scale
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #3 • View online
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The November topic of Try Catch Essentials is Diversity in Tech.
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It’s important to introduce ep. 1/8 appropriately, as it is exemplary of the Diversity topic as a whole - that is to say it’s difficult to summarize.
Consider this first edition, The Introduction of Scale, as a blueprint of what we want to cover during the course of this series, but also as an example about why this topic is difficult to boil down.

The Introduction of Scale
The first step is go down the rabbit hole of Project Include‘s homepage.
Project Includes’s database of 14 recommendation pages serves as an accurate approximation of the the daunting experience of determining where to begin in exploring Diversity.
If you don’t know where to start or if you’re a D&I veteran, Project Include deserves to be the landing page for Diversity in Tech queries.
It could use some updating, but as you scroll through the site, you’ll recognize just how much effort went in to developing the database.
We direct our readers here to begin because if we’re going to work together tackle the Diversity issue within the tech industry, it’s important to know what we’re looking at before trying to come up with a solution - this is to mitigate the Law of the Instrument phenomenon.
Pro Tip
We suggest using a highlighter Chrome-extension (Super Simple Highlighter lives up to its name) as you’ll most likely have to come back to the archive from time to time, and remembering where you’ve been is difficult in dense texts.
Now that you’ve had a few scrolls and clicks, we’ll direct you to where we think you’ll want to spend some real quality time. ⌥1 command ready?
The Essential Read
Project Include - Hiring
The Additional Reads
Women in Tech Band Together to Track Diversity, After Hours
The Origins of Diversity Data in Tech
Roadmap to Diversity and Inclusion
Who to Follow
Project Include’s social media presence is updated much more regularly than their website database, but that’s the case for many websites in 2019. They feature their own hard-hitting content among other thought leaders’ regularly on their twitter, linkedin and medium pages.
Next Up
We’ll be in your inbox again Thursday afternoon at 13:10 discussing Diversity Reports.
We’ll take a look at some of the top tech companies’ 2019 published diversity reports and introduce another Essential Read about the topic.
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