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💫 2019 Year-End Perspectives 3/4





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Try Catch Essentials
💫 2019 Year-End Perspectives 3/4
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #13 • View online
Morning, Friday.
Here we are, the Friday before the December holidays.
Maybe you’re opening this, hot off the press at 09:10 while you’re checking email, holding fast your resolve to push through the last workday before what will hopefully be a festive time - low on stress and high on eating.
Maybe you’re checking your email on the weekend at the airport/train station/bus stop before you head back to the family home for the holidays.
In any case, we’re happy you’re reading this, and we’d ♥️ it if you’d share it with a friend or colleague if you find its contents relevant.
We here at Try Catch will be available to answer any of your burning talent acquisition inquiries over the holiday, if you experience such a thing and I, Kerry (the humble newsletter author), am ever-at-the-ready to receive any feedback you have about our newsletter, social media, or other marketing efforts.
Just hit reply and I shall promptly respond. 🕺🏼
You’ve probably already received 2 of these newsletters this month, so I can safely assume you know the drill, but for the newcomers: The December editions of the Try Catch Essentials Newsletters have been more broadly-focussed content-wise.
We’re covering bits of industry-adjacent insights of 2020, light-weight 2019 year-in-review content and wild retro-reads of predictions of 2020 from the past.
When’s the last time you read something on the internet written in 2000?
We’ve got one of those at the bottom of the newsletter, so now you’ll have an answer to that question.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
~ Kerry

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Next Up
We’ll continue our 2019 Year-End Perspectives for one more Friday in December.
We’re dying to know what you ate over the holiday so hit reply and attach a picture so we can all test a theory of digitally induced postprandial sleepiness.
Try Catch Essentials will be back in January on the topic of Hyper-Growth - how to best grow when you need to and methods to best navigate growing pains.
Stay Connected
We’d love to hear about your thoughts on the newsletter, slap reply or email with any comments, suggestions, or your favorite song that came out this year.
See you next Friday!
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Kerry from Try Catch

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