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2019 Year-End Perspectives 1/4





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Try Catch Essentials
2019 Year-End Perspectives 1/4
By Kerry from Try Catch • Issue #11 • View online
Morning, Friday.
December is here and with it comes stress, holiday specials, and “year-end” lists - guess where this newsletter fits in.
Most of us are more than ready for a break at the end of the year, and our intention of this month’s newsletter is to offer some welcome respite in your inbox.
We’re taking this month to share some year-in-review insights from across the industry but across media too, so that when you’re stuck at the airport or your childhood bedroom, you have some lightly productive and interesting points to ruminate over this holiday season.

Industry Adjacent
LinkedIn Top Voices 2019 Lists
This week, LinkedIn published their Top Voices lists for several countries - and no doubt will be publishing more as the month continues. We’ll update this section each week to include more lists.
Looking Ahead
These are the Best Tech Influencers to Follow in 2020
The State of UX in 2020
Precision Consumer 2030
Pleasure Scrolling
The Top Songs, Artists, Playlists, and Podcasts of 2019 - and the Last Decade
Year-End Lists
2019 Word Of The Year
Future Predictions from the Past
8 New Jobs People Will Have In 2025
12 Reasons 2020 Will Be an Awesome Year
14 Tech Predictions for Our World in 2020
Next Up
We’ll continue our 2019 Year-End Perspectives every Friday in December.
Enjoy the holiday season, Try Catch Essentials will be back in January on the topic of Hyper-Growth - how to best grow when you need to and methods to best navigate growing pains.
Stay Connected
We’d love to hear about your thoughts on the newsletter so far, hit reply or email with any comments, suggestions, or other outdated 2020 predictions.
See you next Friday!
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