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the fearless girl stands up to bill o'reilly in their instagram pod about goat yoga : your daily're welcome

the fearless girl stands up to bill o'reilly in their instagram pod about goat yoga : your daily're welcome
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Bill O'Reilly Fired from Fox Due to Sexual Harassment Allegations
Emily Steel was threatened by the now-former Fox News host two years ago for covering his tall tales about the Falklands war.
“I am coming after you with everything I have,” O'Reilly told Steel on the record in 2015. “You can take it as a threat.”
Steel was one of the two New York Times journalists whose reporting earlier this month led advertisers to leave The O'Reilly Factor and, eventually, to the network dumping O'Reilly on Thursday. Steel and Michael S. Schmidt reported April 1 that Fox and O'Reilly had paid $13 million to silence women who accused the conservative host of sexual harassment. Just goes to show that in this digital age anyone’s dirt can be dug up & that advertisers hold a lot of weight. Mic
Instagram 'Pods' Are Fighting The New Algorithm One Like At A Time
In June 2016, Instagram began rolling out its new algorithmic timeline which changed the order of posts in people’s feeds, favouring popular posts over chronology. Instagram bloggers have been complaining that it’s becoming harder to gain followers organically. Faced with this new challenge, they’re fighting back by creating Instagram ‘pods’. Members of each pod follow each other, and constantly like and comment on one another’s posts to keep pod members posts showing up in other people’s timelines. These pods are strictly by invite only & are grouped around themes like travel, beauty, fitness, etc. Have you tried out this method yet? Mashable
Like high school but on Instagram
Like high school but on Instagram
The Man Who Wants To Remove The Fearless Girl Statue
When the “Fearless Girl” statue was erected in New York City’s financial district, it instantly became a popular attraction. The bronze sculpture was installed on International Women’s Day to call attention to the lack of women on the boards of large US corporations. While most have embraced the statue, Arturo Di Modica, the sculptor of the “Charging Bull” statue that is situated directly across from the “Fearless Girl,” is accusing New York City of violating his rights by positioning the figure there without his consent. POPSUGAR “Grown human man says bronze image of small girl violates his rights by presenting as female and existing” - @janeruffino
Toyota’s FT-4X Concept Is Your ‘Millennial Casualcore’ Dream SUV
Yes, Toyota used both “millennial” and “casualcore” to dreadful effect in the press release for the new FT-4X crossover SUV concept it revealed during the New York International Auto Show. The car comes equipped with everything from a North Face sleeping bag to builtin water bottles and it is perfect for weekend adventures. This is the height of aspirational wish fulfilment for people who work at a desk all day but also consider themselves truly “outdoors” people, and post pictures to Instagram from semi-rugged vacations to prove it. TechCrunch
Who else wants one of these bad boys??
Who else wants one of these bad boys??
Zynga’s GIFs Against Friends Is A Big Social GIF Contest
Social networking is a competition of sorts with your friends. In recognition of that, Zynga is launching a new mobile party game called GIFs Against Friends for you to play with your friends via iMessages. In this game, up to 32 players submit GIFs, or photos with basic animations, on a particular topic. A judge then votes on which one best represents the topic. (aka cards against humanity online but with GIFs) VentureBeat
As you know we love GIFs so what better way to end today’s newsletter then with this one of the latest viral fitness craze to spread across the globe: goat yoga
I'm sooooo there!
I'm sooooo there!
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