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justin trudeau has a plan for when rhinestone covered robots come for our burritos : your daily're welcome

justin trudeau has a plan for when rhinestone covered robots come for our burritos : your daily're welcome
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Justin Trudeau Has A Plan For When Robots Take Our Jobs
The prime minister of Canada answered a question on Quora this week about how governments, especially Canada’s, should prepare for automation.
“We know that the job market is changing, and instead of resisting in vain, we’re focused on funding research and innovation, like in AI and quantum computing, that’ll help lead the change here in Canada,” Trudeau wrote in his response. “And while we do that, we’re preparing Canadians to find good jobs through investments in education and training.” Mashable
Bonus: If you think AI is cool, you should check out our client’s upcoming event that will bring together some of the leading researchers in AI, C2 Montréal, May 24-26, 2017
Fun Fact: Our very own Tara Hunt used to be JT’s Creative Director, Social & Digital, during the Liberal Leadership election.
Well That Was Quick... Pepsi Pulls Much-Mocked Kendall Jenner Ad
Yesterday Pepsi pulled the controversial ad after it was widely mocked and criticized for appearing to trivialize protests for social justice causes. “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding,” the company said. “Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize.” CBC
Extra Bonus: The team from Australian TV show The Feed created a hilarious parody & Madonna took to Instagram to throw some shade
Latest YouTube Trend Sees Creators Gluing Random Objects To Their Faces
YouTube never fails to disappoint when it comes to churning out perplexing video trends that are as stunningly odd as they are massively viral. One of the latest such tag videos, which looks to have been kickstarted by YouTube veteran Jenna Marbles, sees creators gluing various objects to their faces.
How Does Snapchat's Search Stories Function Work?
You’ll probably need to budget a little extra time for your daily social media usage, because Snapchat has just unveiled a search engine that will likely change the way you use the app forever. Users can now explore stories from around the world based on simple keywords or topics. The new search function will operate pretty much like Facebook’s, meaning that when you search for something within the app — like “puppies” or “pizza” — you’ll come across every story and account relevant to those topics. Romper
Treat Yourself On #NationalBurritoDay
Only the tastiest of days! #NationalBurritoDay 🌯
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