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help a man win a year's worth of chicken nuggets to go with his beer, this is not fake news : your daily're welcome

help a man win a year's worth of chicken nuggets to go with his beer, this is not fake news : your daily're welcome
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YouTube TV Has Arrived
Are you counting down the days until the demise of bloated cable packages? Or do you think this YouTubeTV/HBO Go/Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime thing is just a fad? We sorta kinda really fall into the first camp and know things aren’t perfect yet, but getting there fast. #ripcabletv The Verge
Like most awesome things, YouTube TV is not yet available in Canada 😭 Hopefully it will answer our prayers soon!!
Facebook Is Trying To Teach Its Users How To Spot Fake News
Do you know how to identify fake news? Facebook announced on Thursday that it is adding a box to the top of the newsfeed for users in 14 countries that offers to provide tips on “spotting false news.” Business Insider
Meanwhile in Canada we got 8 Tips For Taking Eye Catching Images… Thanks?
YouTube Will Require Channels To Have At Least 10,000 Views Before Allowing Them To Run Ads
In its quest to fight back against unlicensed re-uploads of popular videos YouTube will no longer run ads on channels with fewer than 10,000 lifetime views. Tubefilter
Will this new limit help stem the flow of freebooters on the platform or is the bar being set too low to catch them? Youtubers, send us a tweet with your thoughts.
The World Record For The Retweets Could Be Broken Over Some Free Chicken Nuggets
Wendy’s may have to pay up over a ridiculous Twitter exchange. Yesterday morning Carter Wilkerson tweeted to Wendy’s asking how many retweets he would need to earn a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets & Wendy’s responded! All Carter has to do is gain 18 million retweets and the nuggets are all his! Currently he is sitting at 1 million so help a guy out this weekend and give that man a retweet!! (he only needs 2.3 million more retweets to break the record for most retweets ever, so even that would be incredible) The Verge
TGIF Happy #NationalBeerDay! 🍻
 We tend to call it “Friday” 
Have a wonderful weekend from all of us at Truly Social!
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