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did you know that baby raccoons and ryan gosling are great for your mental health : your daily're welcome

did you know that baby raccoons and ryan gosling are great for your mental health : your daily're welcome
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Hey Personas! The 90's Called and They Want You Back!
Though the idea of Personas is excellent, the implementation of them in today’s data age is severely lacking. In fact, the implementation of the 90’s style of personas does more harm than good now. In this week’s Truly Social video, we talk about how Persona’s need to change to become actually useful and relevant. YouTube
YouTube To Fund Originals That Won't Live Behind 'Red' Paywall
YouTube has produced some 30 original films and series thus far for YouTube Red, a premium subscription service priced at $9.99 per month. But now, the video giant will begin funding originals that don’t live behind this paywall; instead, shows from the likes of Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres will be ad-supported, like the rest of YouTube. TubeFilter
Trending Now: Blade Runner 2049 Drops A New Trailer
The second trailer has arrived for the hotly anticipated sci-fi sequel #BladeRunner2049. The trailer perfectly sets up the new film and people on Twitter are loving it! Check out the trailer here. For more information about the upcoming movie check out this article from Rolling Stone. Sci-fi & Ryan Gosling fans rejoice!
How Instagram Is Helping Users With Mental Health Issues
Instagram has long been a platform where users can curate better looking versions of their lives. Dark, complicated, or mundane moments, meanwhile, rarely make the cut. But with a new campaign aimed at addressing mental health issues, Instagram is trying to (gently) alter this equation. Dubbed #HereForYou, the initiative highlights users and communities on the social network who are raising awareness about mental health and the importance of finding support. The goal of this campaign is to make it easier for users grappling with mental health-related issues to find resources on the platform with the help of selected hashtags. Fortune
This Polite Baby Raccoon Greeted Passengers At Toronto's Airport
For today’s daily dose of cuteness check out Toronto’s Pearson Airport’s newest mascot, Ceiling Raccoon! This little guy was spotted poking his head out from the ceiling over the baggage claim area at Pearson Airport over the weekend much to the surprise and delight of passengers. BuzzFeed
Bonus: A parody account for the Pearson Raccoon has been created because why not? 
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