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charlie chaplin #thankscanada for the flamethrower: your daily distraction... you're welcome





charlie chaplin #thankscanada for the flamethrower: your daily distraction... you're welcome
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“What’s that? You want a re-redesign of the app? F%&k you, you’re getting a ticket-buying feature!”
- Snapchat… probably.
Twitter: #ThanksCanada
One of the beautiful things about living in the age of the internet is that even when a loud, arrogant potato-sack of a man starts a shouting contest, the rest of the world can come together to prove that he is in the vocal minority. That’s exactly the show of support that the Twitter hashtag #ThanksCanada displayed when Trump verbally attacked Justin Trudeau. Thank you, internet.
Whose mans is this?
Whose mans is this?
Memewatch: Distracted Boyfriend: Origins
The reason we’re talking about this meme again is firstly, that it seems to be enjoying a longer shelf-life than other 2018 memes (with new examples trickling out even today). Secondly, much like a Marvel superhero, the Distracted Boyfriend seems to found his origin movie. Charlie Chaplin: the original Distracted Boyfriend.
Art imitates memes.
Art imitates memes.
Trending: People Buy Flamethrowers, Goes Exactly As Expected
Remember when we told you about the Not-A-Flamethrower that Elon Musk’s Boring Company was selling? Well, the first 1000 were picked up today! Before you ask, yes. Things went exactly as expected.
It's a hot topic!
It's a hot topic!
More Twitter: IHOPE They Know What They're Doing
IHOP has just changed its name to IHOB and will enter the burger market. The internet is completely freaking out about this. While the internet is reacting with memes, competitors are grilling them.
Not anymore!
Not anymore!
Have a *super* Superman Day from all of here at Truly Social!
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