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april the giraffe & top internet influencer gives birth to dart man on day one : your daily're welcome

april the giraffe & top internet influencer gives birth to dart man on day one : your daily're welcome
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It's Day 1 Forever Because Day 2 Is Death
Once a year, in his letter to Amazon shareholders, Jeff Bezos gives us all a glimpse into his business world view and management philosophy. “Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.” recode
We love this because we live by this at Truly Social: Never let down your guard and never think you are good enough. Every single day you need to be about how you can be better, more strategic, and ahead of the herd thinking. You can’t just crank out content. There are lots of companies that do that. They don’t engage anyone. Always think about how you can do better. Now carry on and keep kicking ass! 
April The Giraffe Has FINALLY Given Birth To Her Calf & The Internet Is Thrilled
In case you have somehow missed it, the internet has been collectively stalking a pregnant giraffe named April waiting for the day she gives birth. A livestream of April has been running on YouTube since the beginning of the year. Millions of people across the globe have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of April’s calf and finally on Saturday April 15th her calf was finally born! BuzzFeed
Bonus: Here are 27 great tweets about the April finally giving birth! You can also still catch the livestream of April and her new calf on YouTube.
Instagram Now Lets You Organize Bookmarks Into Private Collections
Instagram announced this morning that it will be making its bookmarking feature more useful with the introduction of “collections.” The new feature will allow users to organize the posts they save into private groupings for easier access. This addition may further challenge Pinterest, which also favours image bookmarking and the ability to save items to particular boards, however unlike Pinterest this new feature will be private to the user. TechCrunch
In Other News: Instagram is absolutely crushing Snapchat & there is no end in sight. Instagram Stories now has 200 million daily active users — more than Snapchat’s total daily active user base. Mashable
These Are Today's Most Lucrative Platforms For Digital Creators
Forbes has lifted the veil on which of today’s social platforms are most lucrative for digital creators as part of a new ranking initiative called Top Influencers, in which the business publication will compile lists of the most popular creators over the next year across 12 different content categories. YouTube has been dubbed the most lucrative platform and creators who have surpassed 7 million subscribers can charge a whopping $300,000 for a single sponsored video. The second best money-maker is Facebook, followed in a rough tie by Instagram and Snapchat, with Twitter bringing up the rear. Tubefilter
Did You Miss This? 'Dart Guy' The Man, The Meme, The Leafs' Newest Mascot
In the midst of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ first playoff win in four years on Saturday night, an unlikely hero was born.
A Leafs superfan, who had travelled from Ontario to Washington for Game 2, was shown on the broadcast sporting face paint, a dyed beard and an unlit cigarette hanging precariously from his mouth. The man, later identified as Jason Maskalow but also now fondly referred to as “Dartman” or “Dart Guy”, quickly became a symbol of good luck for Leafs fans after the team pulled off a 4-3 double-overtime win. Talk about a true blue Canadian Meme! CBC Sports
Have a wonderful rest of your day from all of us at Truly Social!
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