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Simple Tech Tips: Weekly Computer News 5/22/2021

Simple Tech Tips: Weekly Computer News 5/22/2021
By Triona Guidry • Issue #48 • View online
Hi! Here’s your weekly technology news roundup from Simple Tech Tips For Home Computer Users.

From the Simple Tech Tips Blog
With Mac malware on the rise, it’s a good time for Mac folks to re-evaluate their antivirus protections. Here’s what Mac users need to know about Internet security, including links to recommended resources.
Other Computer News From Around the Internet
If you have a Eufy camera, turn it off immediately and wait for more information before using it again. This is a serious breach of consumer privacy, and it’s appalling that there weren’t more failsafes in place to prevent it.
Starting June 1st, new videos and images uploaded to Google Photos will count towards your free 15GB of storage. If you need more room than that, you’ll either have to pay for Google One storage or move your photos elsewhere. Here’s a good article on how to download them if you need to.
Mac malware is on the rise. Be sure you’re running a rock-solid antivirus program, because the built-in app isn’t enough to protect your computer.
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