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Simple Tech Tips: Weekly Computer News 5/21/2022

Simple Tech Tips: Weekly Computer News 5/21/2022
By Triona Guidry • Issue #153 • View online
Hi! Here’s your weekly technology news roundup from Simple Tech Tips For Home Computer Users.

Simple Tech Tips How-To Tuesday
In this week’s member-exclusive How-To Tuesday guide, we’re talking about how to secure your wireless network. We use our wireless networks for everything from paying bills to watching movies, not to mention smart home devices. But if you don’t keep your wireless network secure, everything you do is vulnerable to thieves and scammers. In this guide you’ll learn how to lock down your wireless network to keep your data in and strangers out.
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Other Tech News From Around the Internet
An informative interview with Kyle Wiens, the CEO of iFixit, on the importance of consumers’ right to repair their own technology.
Fake tech support scams aren’t limited to Windows. Here’s what Mac users need to know about fake Apple support scams.
When it comes to smart phones, “off” isn’t necessarily off. iPhones remain in a low-power mode when turned off, which is necessary for features like Find My. But, as researchers have demonstrated, this low-power mode can also be used by hackers.
Websites can collect everything you type as you type it, even if you don’t click the Submit button. It’s an advanced form of data collection that makes security experts wary of both the privacy implications and the hacking potential.
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