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5 Warning Signs He's Not the One

5 Warning Signs He's Not the One
By Rejoice Denhere • Issue #6 • View online
My most read article this week is:
5 Warning Signs He’s Not the One
Dating and relationships can be a minefield or a garden of roses. With minefields, at first everything looks like it will be plain sailing. There’s no sign of danger until you hit a landmine. Then everything is up in the air.
Rose gardens can be just as deceiving. Your senses are lulled as you take in the sweet aroma of the roses. The soft petals between your fingers make you believe nothing could ever be more beautiful, until you’re pricked by a thorn.
Spotting that a potential, or even current partner is not the one for you can be hard. Feelings cloud your judgement, but if you look out for these five signs, you could save yourself heartbreak.

5 Warning Signs He's Not the One. Watching out for these signs could save… | by Rejoice Denhere | Vital World Online | Jun, 2021 | Medium
I love this quote by Maya Angelou.
When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
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