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Drapier Online

Drapier Online
By Gerard Cunningham • Issue #8 • View online
Social media is a strange creature.

Social media is a strange creature. In some ways, we are back in the 17th century, trying to figure out which pamphleteers are worthwhile.
Blogs, in essence, are pamphlets. And bloggers are pamphleteers. AngryDude1966 is the new Drapier, or Thomas Paine. Which is fine. Trouble is, as the web grows more similar thanks to Google and Facebook “responsive” standards, a blog doesn’t look much different to the New York Times or Guardian with its use of sans fonts, clean design and white space.
The respected columnist is indistinguishable from the crank. And sometimes, the crank is the one under a hundred years old banner.
And with that thought, I take my leave. This will be the last Revue newsletter. It’s been an interesting experiment. Thanks for following.
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Gerard Cunningham

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