Passing Thoughts

By Gerard Cunningham

Passing Thoughts

Passing Thoughts

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Drapier Online

Social media is a strange creature. In some ways, we are back in the 17th century, trying to figure out which pamphleteers are worthwhile.Blogs, in essence, are pamphlets. And bloggers are pamphleteers. AngryDude1966 is the new Drapier, or Thomas Paine. Which…


Sock Puppets

I've long believed there was little difference between internet trolling and writing opinion columns. I just never expected to have it illustrated as graphically as it has been by Eoghan Harris.



Covid meant a gathering in a Dublin hotel wasn't going to happen, but we decided in the Dublin Freelnace NUJ branch that the Forum would go ahead. The solution was a series of podcast interviews, recorded between April and October 2020.In 2021, the podcast in…


Below The Fold

Two decades ago, a Downing Street spin doctor got into trouble for sending out a memo on September 11 for suggesting it might be "a good day to bury bad news".Since then, the media lens has become even more myopic, regularly monstering a single story for rati…


Memento Mori

Not many people remember it, but there was a time when the only hipsters in Ireland were Pat Kenny and Larry GoganBack in the days before 2FM, even before there were pirate radio stations, Pat and Larry were the long haired hippie weirdos of national broadcas…


Apocalypse Now



On Punditry

About five years ago, I found myself on a radio roundtable panel giving my opinion on the week’s events.And I got it wrong. Spectacularly, undeniably wrong.Donald Trump’s publicity stunt announcing he’s running for president isn’t going anywhere, I announced.…


Helllo World

The EU needs an EU wide shared news outlet. Something set up to overcome the language barriers between us, so that, for example, Irish people aren't at the mercy of politicians defining how well or poorly we compare with Denmark, or Estonia, when it comes to …