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Triangirls: Top of her game 🏔 Diverse & Proud 🌈 Working parents breakfast 🍳 - Issue #11

In the weeks leading up to our 'Top of her game' event, we released an interview series featuring pre
In the weeks leading up to our ‘Top of her game’ event, we released an interview series featuring preview questions with each of our panellists. We asked about hard lessons learnt, invisible barriers some women face when progressing in their career and aligning personal motivations with long-term career goals. You can find all these incredible interviews on medium. Be sure to give us some claps.
We hope it will give those that can’t make it to our events a peek into the conversation. As always, feedback is very welcome. If you’d like to get involved - either being interviewed, or by doing the interviewing - don’t hesitate to hit reply!
I’m super stoked to announce that we now have Instagram Stickers, thanks to the brilliant Jenni Murtagh. Our Instagram stories are about to get even more jazzy! To find them, add a sticker and search ‘triangirls’. Make sure you follow and tag us @triangirlsocial too.
Stay fab ✌🏻
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✨ May Social - Top of her game
Sponsored by Trainline
What an amazing evening! Thank you to everyone for making it such a welcoming, interesting and open environment. We had a panel discussion framed around the successes and accomplishments of five brilliant women.
Our Top Of her game panel was amazing. Our panelists were all at a different stage in their career, so there was relevant advice for everyone in the audience. Rachel did such a good job with the questions that she asked, which led to some really fantastic answers.
We had a bloody awesome chat about approaching salary reviews and we got THE BEST answers. For a start, Abadesi just straight out there shared her previous salaries with us, and what she got when she moved jobs. This felt so refreshing, and I think we should do this more. Here’s some top takeaways:
Camila - “In a previous role, I was feeling undervalued and of course heavily underpaid. So I made a plan. The best way to get somewhere is to first figure out where you want to get to. I hated interviews. So I started going to interviews for fun. And I was applying for jobs I thought I was massively under qualified for, it was so much fun. It gave me the confidence I needed to get to the next step.”
Sarah took advice from her husband when negotiating her current salary. He’s also a Product Designer and suggested she ask for a different, much bigger number. And she got it! “Remember, it’s important not to talk yourself out of the salary you want - ‘I want this much, but if not, that’s ok as I really want to work here’ - Don’t do that, as men will ask for more.
Abadesi told us to "Work out when your salary review is coming and work on your case before then so you’re ready. Have comparisons, show any offers from other companies”
She also shared this brilliant tip, “have a list of all the good shit you’ve done, have it ready for when you’re mansplained, or if a man steals your idea. Have 5 tangible examples ready at any given time. If you have those examples, no one can shut you down. And do it for yourself, cos no one else is going to do it for you”
Stephanie - “During interviews, it was important to me to ask about flexible working hours, but digging deeper and asking for examples of how people do it. And hold people accountable to that. If you take that job, that’s your life ”
During the evening there were also a few book recommendations. We jotted them down for you: How To Own The Room, Ask for it and Dream Big. Hustle Hard.
Thank you to the audience for such challenging questions: the ones we didn’t manage to answer will go towards event ideas in the future. We could have stayed chatting all night!
The brilliant Ella Botting tweeted a great thread of some highlights from the evening. Thanks so much Ella!
Why am I walking around London smiling like the Cheshire Cat, I hear you ask?

Because the @triangirlsocial girls smashed it once again 🤙

Didn’t manage to make the event? Don’t worry I got your back 👇💖
💬 In conversation with Cat Noone
In this interview, Cat Noone joins Rachel Simpson to talk about founding multiple businesses, sexual harassment at work, the pay gap, family and being a mother. A huge thank you to Cat for gifting us with her time and sharing her personal experiences of motherhood and of building her career.
In conversation with Cat Noone
In conversation with Cat Noone
We’ve also transcribed the whole interview here.
A message from Cat - “There was so much I wanted to get to but wasn’t able to, and there was plenty that I didn’t say and would’ve loved to so if there are any questions or concerns or anything that needs clarifying, I’d love for people to reach out: @imcatnoone ”
📅 Upcoming Events
🌈 17th July - Diverse & Proud: Building inclusive teams
We’ll be hosted by TAB and will be joined by Meri Williams, CTO of Monzo, who will talk to us about creating inclusive and safe work spaces.
Bringing agile approaches into how we manage people and lead teams can have wonderful, far-reaching impact. How do we get the most out of these new ways of working and also ensure that we create an inclusive environment where all types of people can be successful? In this session we’ll take a closer look at the science behind great people management, to figure out how to bring these together and craft space for everyone to be awesome
We’ll also be joined by Daniel Irvine, who will share with us how to build inclusion from the bottom up.
Inclusion is something that every team member can help with. This talk is a story about how we built a successful team of developers with inclusion as a core value. It was the developers, not management, who decided to value people before code. That experience has had a lasting impact on my career. I’ll explore the techniques we used and I’ll discuss how I continue to apply what I learned with each of the clients that I work with today.
This event is open to all people working in Design & Tech.
🍳 23rd July - Working parents breakfast
We’re excited to have our first event at our the offices of our long-term sponsor Compare the Market. The breakfast they have ordered looks insanely good. We’ll have Eggs Benedict, breakfast rolls, vegan platters, pancakes, pastries and loads of other goodies.
Sarah June Fox from Trainline will talk to us about the importance of taking care of yourself when you’re meant to be worrying about your baby, house and career.
Haley Gould from Compare the Market will talk to us about her experience of becoming pregnant while working in design, what maternity leave is really like, and how it was getting back to work and changing her job after becoming a mum.
Future and current mums and dads are welcome to this one.
🤓 Jobs
👋 Hello from Metomic. We’re hiring software engineers to help us build tools that will make the internet better. If like us you’re getting really bored of dark design patterns and shady data-hoarding practices, you’ll probably fit right in working with us 👊
At Metomic we believe that data ethics and good design can exist in the same space. We’ve already made a start with our consent manager, but this is just the beginning. You’d be joining a founding team of people working to clean up the internet. We can’t wait to hear from you 💥
We are supported by sponsorship and volunteers. They help us with venues, food, drinks and organisation during the evening. It’s thanks to our sponsors that Triangirls remains open and accessible to all women and non-binary folks. If you want to get involved, we’d love to chat.
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