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Hey everyone - happy Christmas! We just wanted to thank you all for another wonderful year. The fact that we’ve had a great year this year is even more poignant! What you won’t know, is that by February 2020, we’d become so popular as a community that we’d actually planned out the full year of events with all of the usual big names in Tech. Then along came Covid and things became really uncertain. But we kept up the momentum and ran some great remote events with you, our community, as the headline speakers.
It actually worked perfectly as we were able to run events 100% focussed on our somewhat famous lightning talks. It’s really important to us as a community to be a safe space for so many of you to take your first steps into public speaking. So if you were one of our many lightning speakers this year WELL DONE! It’s easy to forget the good things this year, and the things we accomplished, so this is a little reminder!
Another top highlight for us was to be able to secure sponsorship to cover professional coaches, such as Ali Levin and Tiwa Ogunlesi. Both of these women had such a presence, it felt that they were in the same room as us. Being part of a community of supportive women is the reason we started Triangirls in the first place and we’re over the moon that the community aspect is still holding strong even though we’ve been apart from each other for nearly a year now.
This year has taught us to really think about what’s important to us, that we can overcome anything and that we can still support each other, regardless of where we are in the world.
We’d love to hear from you if any of our talks have inspired you to move jobs, go freelance, seek a promotion…Anything! Not only does it reassure us that the work we are doing with this community is in the right direction but it also helps us look to more sponsors who can help us get the message about Triangirls out there.
✨ Next year
We’re taking things one month at a time next year but as ever will be focussed on bringing you the best speakers, and the best sponsors. We’ll only ever partner with companies we truly believe value diversity. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d love us to cover or if there is a person who we should reach out to speak at Triangirls. 
And finally, here’s hoping that we might even be able to run our events in person again next year! (We will only feel comfortable doing this if we can be sure it’s 100% safe).
✨ What we were up to in November
💪 Confident and Killing it!
Photo from Sophie Coulthard on Twitter (@sophcoulthard)
Photo from Sophie Coulthard on Twitter (@sophcoulthard)
“If Tiwa can do, I can do it!”
 These were some of the words of encouragement that we heard from Tiwa Ogunlesi during the incredibly engaging and inspiring talk that she gave at the November Triangirls social. Just as it was for many of us, the start of 2020 was tough on Tiwa. She spoke about how staying positive and resilient helped her overcome her challenges and gave us lots of helpful advice on how we could do the same.
Tiwa wrapped up the session by reminding us to live in the realm of positivity and hope and said that if nothing else, we should quote her on, and remember this: “Your worth is intrinsic. You matter simply because you exist.” Read up about the full event here where Radhika Ankulkar.
This event was made possible via sponsorship from Snap, who we’re so thankful to as we’ve wanted to partner with Tiwa for ages!
In prep for the new year, why not download Tiwa’s Monthly Wins Tracker to keep track of all your successes over the coming year!
🗓Upcoming Events
As we’re taking a break over the holiday period we have no events planned just yet, but if you have an idea or want to collaborate let us know!
🤓 Jobs
Did you know we have a Triangirls jobs board! If you have a job that you would like to share with the Triangirls community get in touch at
🖍Digital Product Designer (Mid-Level)
Inktrap is looking for a new designer to join their team and deliver beautiful and practical UX and UI designs.
Inktrap is an independent product design and development team based in London, with clients ranging from tech startups to multinational businesses. If you have any questions about the role or the team then simply email
🌱Senior Product Designer, Growth and Core-
🖍Senior Product Designer, Operational Systems -
🔍User Researcher -
🛠Backend Engineer -
🙌 Thank Yous!
We’ve reflected on how wonderful this year has been for Triangirls, even though there have been many challenges put in front of us, and we want to say the biggest thank you to our community for believing in us, coming to our new online events, and for giving us wonderful feedback. 
We’d also like to thank everyone who’s spoken at our events, and for sharing your amazing and brave stories over the year. We know how scary it can be speaking up in a physical or virtual room full of people, but these stories are what make our community so wonderful.
We want to say a special thanks to all of our sponsors this year and those who hosted us when we were doing in-person events:
OVO Energy
Our friends
Naturally what we do would be near impossible without such a supportive group around us. Thank you to our allies and others within the community: 
💖 Be wonderful to one another - see you next year!!
This year has been challenging and allowed us to grow, we’re looking forward to what 2021 will bring.
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Triangirls is a community for women and non-binary people who work in Tech. The community and events are run voluntarily by Rachael Grocott, Liz Hamburger, Katrina Dargel & Liv Denyer

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