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Triangirls July Roundup - Issue #1

Welcome to our first ever roundup 🎉 In this first issue, I'd love to tell you all about who the Trian

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August 6 · Issue #1 · View online
F*ck ups, masturbation and pay negotiation. Not your average womxn in tech event.

Welcome to our first ever roundup 🎉
In this first issue, I’d love to tell you all about who the Triangirls are, and what you can expect from us in the upcoming months.
We are a collective of lady designers who hang out, discuss work and life, and empower each other to continue being awesome.
But why ‘Triangirls’?
Our group blossomed in 'Triangles - A Slack community for Designers in and around London’. 'Triangles’ is very active and welcomes new members with open arms, so if you happen to be a designer and live in or around London, head over there – we’d love to get to know you.
As the founding women of the group, Rachael and I created a place to talk about our experiences in the product design world, and so created a subset channel called #triangirls. It grew from two, to many and as well as our design-related chit-chats, we have casual monthly hangouts. We also attend and speak at design / tech events.
We are constantly blown away by the expertise and openness of one another; with this in mind, we created a casual, judgment-free environment. We realised between us that we had so much to share. This leads us to the Triangirls roundup…
Welcome to our monthly newsletter – please say 'hello’! Whether you are already a Triangirl or just joining us for the ride, it’s great to have you here. We will be sharing our community news, upcoming design and tech events and things we love on the first Monday of every month.
Stay awesome, and see you very soon!
(Co-admin of #triangirls)

Triangirls July Social
Previously known as ’Wine, Whine & Design’ (Sorry Jessica Walsh, plz don’t sue us).
For our June social we met at Grind in Clerkenwell. It felt like the perfect location. Classy, stylish and cool, just like us 💁🏻‍♀️.
However, it reached over 30 degrees in London, and their was no air-con. So you could say we were HAWT 🔥 and not so cool. But don’t you worry, we survived on white wine spritz and moral support.
It was incredible to see you all in person, and I felt truly blessed to be part of such an unforgettable evening. I gave myself belly aches from laughing so much - you lot are amazing!
I hope you are all giddy for our August social, which will be on the 31st. It looks likely that we will be heading to an exhibition, still tbc. If you want to join us, add yourself to the event below!
Triangirls August social — Attending
💬 Design Events
Last Month -
Anna and I (double Anna, isn’t that great 👯‍♀️) attended ‘Kickass Women Slaying the Creative World’ at General Assembly: a panel of four outrageously talented women from the creative industries. They considered how to work full-time and keep up your own side-project hustle. Turns out, there is no secret sauce, just hard work and discipline. Sorry, folks!
Unfortunately GA has wiped all the information about the panellists from their site. So I’ll tell you a bit about them:
Charlotte - Works as a Senior Creative @ Digitas and also runs, an amazing project that celebrates young female creatives going above and beyond.
Lara - A Brazilian-born product designer who moved her whole life to London to pursue her career goals. She is currently running her own studio and most recently worked on the London Pride website 👏🏻
Bolshoi - By day she works as a Digital & Social Lead at the Evening Standard and The Independent; by night she is bossing it at Stööki, a multi-disciplinary art collective supplying streetwear and jewellery.
Chloe - A London-based photographer. She works in music, fashion & still-life. I really need to share her IG because I can’t stop scrolling through her use of bold colours and motion.
It was inspiring to hear these ladies stories, they were so humble and approachable. By the end of the evening, I wanted to run home and type up this newsletter. It made me feel like could take on anything, and I’d definitely head to another panel event like this.
Upcoming in August
A few of us will be heading to design lab London to support fellow Triangirl, Meylin. She will be giving us an overview on how the designers at Peak create animations in their apps with no coding experience.
August design lab | Meetup
📚 Reading List
When I decided to make the move to my new role, I shared my anxieties around job negotiation with Rachael. She kindly took some photos of pages in ‘Little Black Book’ by Otegha Uwagba and sent them over to me via WhatsApp before my interview.
It gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed, and guess what? I got the job!
Described as 'a toolkit for working women’, it’s perfect to use as a reference during job related uncertainties. It came up a couple times during our last social, and we agreed it is a book all power women need on their shelves.
💡 Feature
Let’s take a moment to share the talent from our very own community.
Lisa has spent the past four months producing a podcast about diversity in the creative industries here in London. The first episode is with Nina Salomons, one of the founders of the VR diversity initiative. Check it out on Spotify & iTunes!
Not Applicable on Spotify
If you are doing something cool, we’d love to share it. Slide me a DM on either Twitter or Slack.
🤓 Jobs
Lai-Jin is looking for two product designers @ Twilio, ideally someone with design system experience. Reach out to her if you want to know more, or have someone who you think would be perfect for the role.
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