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How Justin turned his side gig into a $500K business

Trent Dyrsmid
Trent Dyrsmid
Welcome to issue #3 of my newsletter. My team and I are just getting started here on Revue and we have plenty to learn to make this the best experience for our readers. If you have recently become a subscriber, please send me a tweet with your thoughts and any suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

What To Expect
This newsletter is going to be the place where I give my readers an inside view into my world, the challenges/struggles I’m facing, and how I’m trying to overcome these challenges so that I can achieve my goals.
In other words, if you want to gain insights into all the stuff I don’t share anywhere else, this newsletter is that place.
Welcome to my world! 🍻
So, with all that said, let’s dive into this week’s edition by starting off with my top priority this week.
My Top Priority This Week
This week, I’m working on some preliminary ad testing for my site/podcast.
The goal of this testing is to find phrases that get 4 clicks or more, with fewer than 400 impressions per ad, at a cost of $.50 or less.
When I find phrases like this, I store them in a spreadsheet until I have 6-9 of them.
Once I have that many phrases, I then look at the story that these phrases are telling me and I start writing headlines for more testing.
In this section, we share links to shows I have been on as well as shows I have produced on
Bright Ideas 371 - How Justin Kelsey Built a $500K Digital Agency
Smart Stuff from Smart People
The Death of The "Entrepreneur" w/ 8-Figure CEO James Wedmore
Emotional intelligence is more important for being a successful entrepreneur than mental ability, meta-analysis finds
Tweet of the Week
Joe Pulizzi on Twitter:
Personal Life
This past long weekend was spent camping up in Ponderosa State Park, just north of Boise. As you can see below, Liz is becoming quite the Jenga master πŸ˜‚
That’s all for this week. Thank you very much for reading πŸ™
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Until next week!
Trent Dyrsmid
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Trent Dyrsmid
Trent Dyrsmid @TrentDyrsmid

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