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The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #7

Welcome to the Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass! Here, we will share behind-the-scenes updates on what the teams across the Treasure ecosystem are working on, together with a recap of major events which took place over the weeks prior.

Arbitrum Odyssey has kicked off!: The journey for Arbitrum Odyssey—a 2 month-long event aimed at encouraging new and existing users to explore different parts of the Arbitrum ecosystem— has launched. We have moved into week 2 and are excited to have partnered with GMX. This Friday at 3pm EDT, we will be hosting a joint Twitter AMA to share more about our projects.
This week for Arbitrum Odyssey, we are excited to be partnering with @GMX_IO. To be eligible for this week's NFT, be sure to use their platform!

We will be co-hosting an AMA on Friday at 3pm EST which will feature some exciting news and a potential prize for participation!
We are proud to announce our official partnership with Hop: At the onset of Arbitrum Odyssey’s Bridge Week we were delighted to announce our partnership with Hop, a scalable rollup-to-rollup general token bridge. 
Those who chose to use Hop as their bridging platform during Bridge Week are eligible to win 1 of 10 Smol Brains. Winners will be announced soon!
We’re proud to announce our official partnership with @HopProtocol! 🐰💜

As @Arbitrum Odyssey kicks off tomorrow, we've combined forces with Hop to give away 10 @SmolBrainsNFT to users who use their bridge during bridge week.

Link below! 👇
Read more about what lies ahead for Arbitrum Odyssey from community contributor and Treasure Times content writer Exor.
Introducing the initial draft of our new Treasure Community Grants Program: We’ve been listening to feedback from the community and are delighted to unveil an initial draft of our new Treasure Community Grants Program. Pending formal approval from the DAO, this program aims to provide incentives to support community contributors who are working to improve the broader Treasure ecosystem through means outside of building game cartridges.
Treasure community, we need your input before this goes to the DAO for approval!

Review the draft of the new grants program here:

Interested in being part of the Community Grants Committee? Apply here:
Next up in the Builder Series pipeline are Toadstoolz and KOTE: Coming up soon, Builder Series will feature Toadstoolz and Knights of the Ether (KOTE). Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming AMAs. 
If you missed our last Builder Series event featuring Magus, you can listen to what was discussed here
For the TL;DR of this event, check out Preeminent’s recap:
Smol Preeminent (Mike Lau)

Date: June 26th, 2022

@Treasure_DAO Host: @cxf_0886

Project Feature: @TheMagusTower 🧠📚

This summary is for those that don't have time to listen and want the TLDR & ALFA! ❤️♻️

Click into the 🧵👇
The initial draft of the Harvester Whitepaper is here: An early draft of the Harvester Whitepaper has been released for community feedback. Subject to change, the first 2 of 3 chapters covers the mechanics of how Harvesters will work and how the initial wars over the Harvester will occur. 
Today, we are delighted to share a few updates to Bridgeworld and @Treasure_DAO:
1️⃣ Initial draft of the Harvester Whitepaper for community feedback (first 2 of 3 chapters only) - subject to change.
2️⃣ Two new contributors with extensive backgrounds in game design.

Read on 👇
We’re excited to announce two new contributors with extensive backgrounds in traditional game design and web3 games: Grave and Noisewar will be working with the team to refine the Bridgeworld metagame to create something novel and memorable in the web3 gaming space.
Updates continue to be made for Questing 2.0: Legions now have a 0.001% chance of receiving a Universal Lock after questing in any part of a Quest. Legions with Questing Level 4+ have new boosts for finding Treasure Fragments: 
  • Level 4: +2%
  • Level 5: +4%
  • Level 6: +6%
Submit your questions for Bridgeworld Office Hour sessions: Six sessions have since been held following the launch of Questing 2.0 and have served as touchpoints between the team and community for further transparency and various improvements. 
Submit your questions in #office-hours-questions in the Treasure Discord for the next scheduled office hours slated to take place later this week. 
Partner Cartridges (TIP-09)
We are pleased to present our next TIP-09 partner, BattleFly: As one of the original games motivating the TIP-09 program, BattleFly is the first web3 game built for sustainable mass adoption. BattleFly will deeply integrate MAGIC and Treasures as core items in gameplay.
BattleFly Racer is coming soon to a browser near you! Get a sneak peek here.
We are pleased to present our TIP-09 partner @BattleFlyGame!

As one of the original games motivating the TIP-09 program, BattleFly is the first web3 game built for sustainable mass adoption.

BattleFly will deeply integrate MAGIC and Treasures as core items in gameplay.
Tune in to this week’s Smol Hall: Tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th at 6pm EDT the team and community will reconvene for the bi-weekly Smol Hall to discuss key updates and upcoming plans. Be sure to sign up to the reminder here so you don’t miss it and submit your questions in Discord (#smol-hall-chat) ahead of then.
Smol Racing development underway: The team is working on testing Smol Racing 1.0 and are in the process of refining the economic model as well as discussing RNG & rewards systems to optimize gameplay. Expect to hear more updates as we move closer to our campaign and official launch!
The Smol team and community had a blast in NFT.NYC: Last week was the much anticipated NFT.NYC and was the first of many opportunities for the community to meet IRL. Among other events and meetups, the first Smol Social was a hit and brought so many community and team members together. 
If you’re interested in hosting a Smol Social in your city, please fill out this form! We’ll be in touch soon with more info.
Smols are burning up the dance floor at!

Our first Smol Social was a hit and the @SmolBrainsNFT and @Treasure_DAO team have had the chance to connect with so many incredible community members throughout the week.

To the first of many Smol Socials! 🥂💜
Work on official Smol merch planning underway: After teasing Smol merch at NFT.NYC, the team is in the process of planning a larger merch collection with an official storefront. In the meantime, the Smol team will be gathering insight from the community to aid us in our merch creation and development process.
NFT.NYC Smol Merch
NFT.NYC Smol Merch
Special shoutout to Legrand for capturing NFT.NYC moments. More pictures to come! 📸
Introducing Magus’ community-created and managed Smol wiki: Magus has put together a Smol wiki produced and managed by community contributors. This is an educational tool that walks through important Smolverse concepts and showcases community contributions. Read it here.
30+ improvements, quality of life updates, and bug fixes made since launch: Since launching on June 13, the team has been actively listening to community feedback and Trove testers to make a number of improvements to the marketplace. Some notable updates include:
  • A low bid warning dialog to protect traders. This activates when confirming a sale to bid that is 50% of the collection floor. 
  • Marketplace stats added to the homepage.
  • New collection-specific language added to describe tokens, helping you situate yourself within each individual project’s worlds. 
What’s next?:
  • The original Treasure Marketplace is on track to be retired next week.
  • Feature-wise, we have started work on notifications and project management, and will be implementing additional caching and data optimizations.
  • With 14 ETH denominated collections already launched, the second cohort of Trove collections is right around the corner. More details to come.
Have a project you want listed on Trove, apply!: Trove will soon feature over 40 collections by the end of our launch period and will continue to onboard new collections over time. If you’re interested in listing on Trove in MAGIC or ETH, please submit an application here. We look forward to building with you!
Trove Showcase Series #006 will feature Bobots, Mechapunkx, and Axolittles hosted by NFTbroo: Trove Showcase Series is a weekly AMA featuring Trove Partners and hosted by community members. The next installment will be on June 29th and will feature Bobots, Mechapunkx, and Axolittles hosted by NFTbroo
Community Spotlight
The Community Spotlight is an initiative in The Compass that highlights builders and community projects in our ecosystem: This week we interviewed Treasure mod and co-founder of ClocksnatcherDAO, as well as adviser to BattleFly, Fritten to hear about his involvement in the Treasure community and how he plans to continue to play an active role in our space. 
Sambino: How did you find your way into Treasure? 
Fritten: I have a product & tech background and was always looking for new stuff in the space. In 2017 I got into crypto, bought my first ETH and various other coins and then my attention faded. In 2020 I ramped up my ETH portfolio and dove into various projects. One year later I realized that to really understand Web3 and those protocols I needed to try them out first hand, so I bought my first NFTs. In September 2021, I found out about Loot and the n project. I joined the Discord and took part in very intense, highly energetic and wild discussions. Within the n project I discovered Treasure through a video by Mike Shimeles, joined the Discord and never left since.
Sambino: Can you share more about your involvement in the Treasure ecosystem to date? 
Fritten: When I joined Treasure the community was a lot smaller and there was a lack of information available around the project. I’m a data guy, so I’ve shared some calculations I had done within the Discord. Then I started Tweeting about the ecosystem and helped onboarding new people. I then became a Mod in the discord when Treasure migrated to Arbitrum and a lot of community members needed help within the migration process. The ecosystem then grew day by day and it was amazing to see so many new people coming in. I wanted to further add value to accelerate the project and read about guilds and SubDAOs. In January I teamed up with some other long-time members and we founded ClocksnatcherDAO with the goal to bring people together to participate in the Treasure ecosystem. We are heavily invested in Bridgeworld and we share a lot of thoughts and data to find the best strategy and tactics. This led us to our partnership with BattleFly where we consulted their treasury team in optimizing their MAGIC and NFTs assets. In addition I try to support other builders by offering my advice or connecting them with the right people.
Sambino: Whether it be through content creation or building, what advice would you give to those looking to contribute and get involved in the Treasure ecosystem? 
Fritten: Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Treasure is a community driven ecosystem, built from the ground up. You don’t have to be able to write code to be a builder. Share the data you analyzed within Bridgeworld. Draft design proposals for the Trove marketplace. Help onboard new members within the Discord. Write short summaries of Twitter community spaces. There is so much everybody can do to grow the Treasure ecosystem. Stay curious and be there for each other. 
Sambino: What’s next for you in this space?
I honestly don’t know. Personally I‘m super excited about the Harvesters, which will probably have a massive effect on the Bridgeworld economy and BattleFly as a potential Web3 PvP game for mass adoption within this ecosystem. But overall, there is just so much stuff happening, that I cannot say where I see the most of my time within this space in 6 months. What I do know is that I will continue to run my data analysis, try to help others within the onboarding process, help builders to make good decisions and connect them to the right people.
We’re fortunate to have community members like Fritten who are committed to upholding the high standards and vision we have for Treasure. Connect with Fritten on Twitter here and be the first to see his content on all things Treasure.
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