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Welcome to the Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass! Here, we will share behind-the-scenes updates on what the teams across the Treasure ecosystem are working on, together with a recap of major events which took place over the weeks prior.

New $MAGIC HOUR episode featuring Gaarp: In the latest episode of $MAGIC HOUR, Gaarp sat down with Braiker and team to discuss topics including the future of Web3, how to build in this space, and what teams need to achieve success.
Listen to the full episode:
$MAGIC HOUR #19: Gaarp and the future of Web3
$MAGIC HOUR #19: Gaarp and the future of Web3
Finding resilience in a bear market: Hosted by igoryuzo and Nodar, John Patten and Peita get candid on the realities of the market, and what Treasure is doing to survive and thrive:
For a transparent breakdown of what this looks like, Karel answered some FAQs in Discord and shares these responses with the broader Twitter community👇🧵
We've received versions of these questions a few times now at @Treasure_DAO:
- How are we preparing for the bear market?
- How much runway do we have?
- What have we done to ensure we survive (and thrive)?

TL;DR: we're in a good position. Here's my response from Discord - (1/n)
TL;DR: We’re in a good position.
Treasure Town Halls are back: Yesterday we kicked off a Town Hall where we covered updates across the Treasure ecosystem. In case you missed it, listen to what was discussed here:
Or read Preeminent’s summary thread👇 
Smol Preeminent (Mike Lau)

Date: May 31st, 2022

@Treasure_DAO Hosts:
@jpatten__ @0xkarel @SimMay0r @Mr_Bahama_ @cxf_0886

Some great updates from the team on Trove / Life & the overall org 🔊🔥❤️


Click into the thread below👇🧵
Our next Builder Series will feature The Lost Donkeys: The Lost Donkeys recently launched on May 16th and are now available on the Treasure Marketplace. Stay tuned for more details on this AMA. 
If you missed our last Builder Series event featuring DeFrag, you can listen to what was discussed here:
UX improvements are now live for Questing 2.0: We value the community’s feedback and have been making UX improvements since the initial launch of Questing 2.0. Current updates now enable you to: 
  • Easily know which Legions are optimized for certain Zones based on constellation types and levels.
  • Reduce the number of transactions while questing. Players now choose the parts that their Legion quest through at the start of questing, removing the need to submit new transactions to quest at each stage of the journey.
  • Avoid incurring stasis at any point of Questing (including playing Treasure Triad) with Genesis Legions.
  • View Treasure Triad Cards when equipping Treasures and filtering Treasures by affinity.
  • View Legion stats when selecting Legions to Quest.
UX and Gameplay updates for Questing 2.0 are now live!

Here's a breakdown of what these key updates now enable you to do: 👇
Submit your questions for Office Hour sessions: Two sessions have since been held following the launch of Questing 2.0 and have served as touchpoints between the team and community for further transparency and various improvements. 
Submit your questions in #office-hours-questions in for the next scheduled office hours slated to take place later this week. 
Working on upcoming features post Questing 2.0 launch (Harvesters, Mini Crafting): The Bridgeworld dev team is continuing ongoing Harvester code testing and contract code refactoring. Alongside this, concept art and UI design for Harvesters is underway. Mini crafting is set to launch later in the week.
Stealth bard team focused on lore creation in progress: A team of lore writers has been deployed to help devise narratives around key building block concepts like $MAGIC and Legions. Ongoing consideration is being made on how the team can best operate a decentralized lore system as central infrastructure across the Treasure ecosystem.
Ecosystem Partners and TIP-09
Congratulations to the latest grant recipients of TIP-09: Candidates of the TIP-09 bootstrapping program for Cohort 1 were finalized and we are pleased to present Toadstoolz and Realm as the next two recipients of the grants. Both games are tightly integrated with the $MAGIC ecosystem and plan on incorporating interesting use cases for $MAGIC and Treasure NFTs.
  • Toadstoolz is a narrative driven simulation game where players can collect BUGZ and Toadz NFTs with Toadz frens. Toadz collaborate and collectively stake $MAGIC to activate game functionality within Croakshire, the world within which Toadz live. Hop on over to the world of Croakshire here: 
  • Realm is a world-building and exploration game where you own and build a vast domain and attract Adventurers to explore these Realms in search of great rewards. Realm allows its community to stake $MAGIC and earn based on participation in its economy. Start your adventure here:  
We’re excited to reveal the full rebrand and new website for Smolverse: Meet Smol, our new brand. The rollout of our rebrand brings forth a more welcoming, complementary and vibrant feel for both new and existing members of the community. More importantly though, it provides the framework and guidelines that invites others to build upon and grow the brand alongside us through art, storytelling, and boundless creativity.
And just like that, we're excited to reveal our full rebrand and new website on!

Meet Smol, our new brand. #WeAreSmol

Read the full article on Medium:
The Smolverse Discord has a new look and feel: As part of our rebranding rollout, Discord has been revamped to reduce clutter and make it a more inviting and personalized space. To do so there is now an opt-in process of roles that is curated to specific interests and what you may or may not want to see. The roles include Reader, DAO, Marketplace, Games, Giveaways, and Poker. Join our Discord here:
Our biweekly Smol Halls resume starting Wednesday, June 1st: Today the team and community will reconvene for another Smol Hall to discuss key updates and upcoming plans. Be sure to sign up to the reminder so you don’t miss it:
Smol Racing development underway: The team is hard at work to push out Smol Racing 1.0. Progress is being made on UI and backend including continued updates on mobile and the addition of tabs to improve UX. Stay tuned for ongoing updates as we move closer to a campaign and official launch. 
Planning for NFT.NYC continues: For those who are attending NFT.NYC or who will be in the area, let us know and stay tuned for further meetup details. 
Welcome Preeminent to the Smol marketing team: Preeminent, current Smol mod, joined the Smol team last week and will be helping with all things marketing, branding, and social media. Welcome aboard, Pre! 
We’re excited to announce Trove will be launching on Arbitrum on June 13th: Trove will bring a new flavour to the sea of NFT marketplaces out there by combining gamification with function in order to offer both collections and collectors alike a unique and delightful experience that has never been attempted before. 
For more on Trove, read the official Trovepaper documentation here:
There is no better way to close out the week than with some exciting news:
🗓 Trove by @Treasure_DAO (gamified NFT marketplace on @arbitrum) will launch on June 13
🗂 Full list of Trove Launch Partners!
📚 Announcing the launch of Trove Docs:

Full roster of Trove Launch Partners has been released: View the complete list of Trove Launch Partners here:
Welcome our newest frontend developer joining the team: Newest Trove team member Hunter (hunter0409#5695) has been brought on as a frontend dev. He will be working closely with Frannyverse and the rest of the team to help bring the Trove vision to life.
Additional development updates as we near launch: The Trove contract is now available on testnet and alpha testing begins this week. In addition to feature parity with the Treasure Marketplace, Trove will: 
  • Optimize metadata for collections
  • Wrap up marketplace features
  • Support bidding and bulk ERC-1155 token purchases
Trove Showcase Series #002 will feature Smulips and Litter Kittens hosted by Noah Bragg: Trove Showcase Series is a weekly AMA featuring Trove Partners and hosted by community members. The next installment will be on June 2nd and will feature Litter Kittens and Smulips hosted by Noah Bragg.
If you missed our last Trove Showcase event featuring City Clash and SideQuest hosted by Godfather, listen to what was discussed:👇
Community Spotlight
The Community Spotlight is a new initiative in The Compass that highlights builders and community projects in our ecosystem: This week we interviewed Archethect from the Smolove team to hear how their project came to fruition, what they’re building and what motivated them to get started. 
Sambino: How did you and the team find your way into Treasure?
Archethect: Pilot and I were involved in the N project from the very beginning. We then created N derivatives and got to know Treasure because of the $MAGIC mine which was eligible for N stakers. From there we kept following the project and started building our own Smolverse project. 
Sambino: Can you share more about what Smolove is and what you are building?
Archethect: For Smolove we had the idea to build a Tinder-like app for Smols simply because we thought it would be hilarious. We have since iterated on that and have been building a full Love Cycle for Smols. This includes: finding your partner, matching up, proposing, marrying, being happily married (or divorcing) and receiving $MAGIC through marriage rewards.
Sambino: What motivated you to start Smolove?
Archethect: The Smolverse community was very welcoming and has always had a playful approach, which made it possible to bring some hilarious ideas to life. Next to that, it is our goal to infect other communities with this Smol mindset and make Smolverse as inclusive as possible by building a product people would genuinely fall in love with while onboarding those communities.
Sambino: What can the community expect to see in the future with this project?
Archethect: After our V1 is launched we are planning to collaborate very closely with the core Smolverse team to integrate our concepts and contribute to an inclusive, fun, and even better Smolverse. 
You can read more about Smolove’s minting process here and wedding features here
Keep up to date with Smolove’s upcoming mint and updates by following @smolove_  on Twitter. 
Smolove 💍
IRL fren: So what's smolove?

Me: It's an NFT project that allows cute monkey jpegs to get married and earn $magic as a couple. We're bringing real life experiences to NFTs in a gamified and fun way.

IRL fren: 😐
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