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Welcome to the Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass! Here, we will share behind-the-scenes updates on what the teams across the Treasure ecosystem are working on, together with a recap of major events which took place over the weeks prior.

Treasure was featured in Naavik’s Metacast podcast: Last week, John Patten and 0xkarel were featured in the Metacast; a business-focused podcast that explores the future of gaming. The pair sat down to discuss Treasure’s $MAGIC ecosystem, on-chain economic primitives, incentivizing game builders, and managing a gaming #DAO. Listen to the full episode below.
Treasure DAO - Building a Decentralized Nintendo - The Metacast by Naavik
Treasure DAO - Building a Decentralized Nintendo - The Metacast by Naavik
Our next Builder Series will feature Defrag on May 27th: We will be hosting a new Builder Series panel every two weeks with a different project, guild or builder. Featured next, Defrag will be sharing more on their Metamatician NFTs, how they’re differentiating, and upcoming plans for the project. Be sure to tune in to the Twitter Spaces on Friday, May 27th at 7:00pm EDT to hear more! 
If you missed our last two Builder Series events, you can listen to what was discussed here:
TIP-13 Partnership with Strider to create a high fidelity game experience has been ratified by the DAO with 99.98% approval: In last week’s issue we shared an exciting announcement to partner with Strider. The team on Strider’s extensive experience in the gaming industry and their AAA project, currently codenamed “Project Bilbo” will serve as a powerful showcase for Treasure, our NFTs and connected ecosystem. Per the DAOs vote to go forward with this partnership, we move one step closer to realizing our vision in the connected metaverse. 
If you missed the AMA we held with the Strider’s team, you can listen to what was discussed here:
Play recording: Treasure x Strider AMA
Or for the TL;DR read Smol Preeminent’s recap. 👇
Smol Preeminent (Mike Lau)
🚨 @Treasure_DAO x @Strider_DAO AMA SUMMARY 🚨

Date: May 10th, 2022

Today's AMA Hosts: @_gaarping @cxf_0886
Interviewed: @farming_xp @NickBraccia @mike_cala



Click into the thread 🧵below!👇
Questing 2.0 was officially launched including refreshed UI and art, and new game mechanics: Bridgeworld made considerable strides with the launch of Questing 2.0 on May 9th. This update includes shortened quest durations, new zones to explore with different loot drops, constellations, the new Treasure Triad mini-game, and more.
To commemorate the launch, End and Pta kicked off an AMA where they chatted about goals for Questing 2.0, inspiration for art and direction, and more. For the full recording, listen here:
Play recording: Bridgeworld AMA
Look back at how far Bridgeworld has come and peer into the future with our newest trailer:
Bridgeworld Teaser
Bridgeworld Teaser
Updated Litepaper and community-sourced resources available for Questing 2.0 and Treasure Triad: The Bridgeworld Litepaper has been updated to reflect new game features related to Questing 2.0. This update has undoubtedly brought on new complexities to Bridgeworld’s game design. For a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the new mechanics of Questing 2.0 check out this walkthrough prepared by our Community Manager X:
Optimizing gas and streamlining features to improve user experience: Our team has been in conversation with mods to receive and execute on product feedback. Efforts have been made to keep the community up to date as the team relays feedback to devs for Bridgeworld issues.
Working on upcoming features post Questing 2.0 launch: In addition to the Bridgeworld Questing launch, the dev team is continuing ongoing Harvester code testing and contract code refactoring. Alongside this, concept art for Harvesters and UI design is underway. Work on Minicrafts and Auto-Questing are next in the pipeline. 
Documentation on the mechanics of Harvesters underway: Documentation is being formalized to outline how Harvesters work in greater detail, including Harvester mechanics, and documentation for contract architecture. This includes topics around:
  • Generalized NFT staking for accessing and upgrading Harvesters with arbitrary NFT collections.
  • The rules and conditions under which takeovers may take place, and their implications.
  • Discussion of potential takeover strategies with guilds, and counterbalancing game mechanics that can reduce consolidation and fair balanced play.
On the backend, Harvester smart contract upgradeability feedback has been implemented for resilience.
Corrected crafting break rates: The deployment during Questing 2.0 overwrote the lowered break rates. See here for the latest crafting break rates. Users who were affected by this issue will be compensated.
Establishing a Game Mechanism Design Group: The working group will be involved in reviewing gameplay proposals, features and updates, and will comprise game designers and experts who are independent from Treasure and Treasure-affiliated guilds. We are exploring the creation of closed testing groups. In the event of these groups being formed, confidentiality will be paramount and appropriate controls will be put in place where necessary.
Ecosystem Partners and TIP-09
Lost SamuRise release tokenomics design: Lost SamuRise (LSR) has released the tokenomics for their P2B (play-to-build) game in the metaverse world known as Tengoku. For more on how LSR has taken on an adaptive approach to their economics design, read here.​
The Lost Donkeys are now available on the Treasure Marketplace: The Lost Donkeys has started its free mint at and will be live until May 20 11am EDT. It is now available on the Treasure Marketplace.
Knights of the Ether release V1.0 Game Guide: Partner project Knights of the Ether (KOTE) have been hard at work building out the mechanics of their P2E (Play to Earn) game, UnderDark. In their most recent installment, the team has released the official V1.0 Game Guide which you can read here.
The team will be hosting a Smol Hall today: Smol Townhalls are back! Following the launch of Swolercycles, the team will be hosting a Smol Hall to share more on this release, our upcoming branding initiative, the state of the market, and our vision for the future of our project. Join us tonight at 6pm EDT on Twitter Spaces to hear more. 
Launch of Swolercycles makes way for new transportation methods and updates: Following the release of Swolercycles on Tuesday May 10th, Smols and Swols now have enhanced mobility once they depart the moon. 
Branding revamp and UI updates underway: Stay tuned for news this week on a branding revamp, associated community initiatives including a Smol Stories Discord event and more. 
Treasure Marketplace and Trove will merge into one unified marketplace: We’re excited to announce that Treasure’s marketplace will be joining forces with Trove’s generalized marketplace. Trove will have two sides to it: One side denominated in $MAGIC (for deeply integrated ecosystem partners like the ones that exist on Treasure Marketplace today) and another side in ETH (eventually other stables) for generalized projects.
We’ve got some big and exciting news to share with you regarding Trove, our upcoming generalized marketplace powered by @Treasure_DAO.

✨ We will be merging Treasure Marketplace and Trove into a single, unified marketplace.
Features and UI in the pipeline: The team is close to wrapping up a number of features on Trove including: 
  • ETH listings and purchases
  • Collection storefronts to showcase listed and unlisted tokens, filtering capabilities, and activity
  • Token pages
Other features in the pipeline include:
  • User profile pages
  • Bulk purchases of ERC-1155 tokens
  • WETH integration
Trove's front-end has been rebuilt from the ground up and will be home to both Treasure ($MAGIC) and generalized collections (ETH).

The alpha version will launch with feature parity with @Treasure_DAO's existing marketplace and a strong foundation to grow from. Stay tuned. 👀
The latest addition to the Trove dev sandbox: embedding games directly into each collection's storefront. 🎮

After you get your NFTs on Trove, you're just one click away from interacting with them. When you're done, you can get back to collecting.

Should we keep this? ✅ or 🚫?
Continued progress on backend and design: Devs are hard at work to progress and finalize features. This includes:
  • Completing wallet authentication design: Users will be able to communicate securely with Trove backend to make changes to their account off-chain.
  • Trove sorting from backend: This has feature parity and now supports multiple trait selection within the same category.
  • Trove testnet deployed: View and make feature requests at
All announced Trove Launch Partners to-date: The team continues to confirm partnerships with a number of projects that will be listed on Trove at launch. This includes:
  1. Birds’N’Blades 
  2. Elefrens
  3. The Flip Project 
  4. Smolizards 
  5. Mushrohms 
  6. The 8-Bit DAO 
  7. Smulips  
  8. Cryptids
  9. Smol Sharks 
  10. Litter Kittens 
  11. SideQuest 
  12. City Clash
  13. Smol Age
The next partner will be announced on Thursday, May 19th. This will follow with a final release of all remaining launch partners in the upcoming days.
Testing and Feedback: If you’d like to participate in future user testing, please reach out to Simmayor. As a reminder, all Trove related feedback and ideas are welcome here: 
Pending the availability of ecosystem partner ERC-20s, the AMM is ready for go-live: UX feedback has been implemented from an initial round of testing (e.g. confirm swaps, showing slippage, etc.). We are working closely with ecosystem partners on timing and implementation.
Community Spotlight
Going forward we will be hosting a new initiative in The Compass to highlight builders and community projects in our ecosystem: First up, we interviewed Kowl from Treasure Times to hear how their project came to fruition, what they’re building and what motivated them to get started. 
Sambino: How did you and the team find your way into Treasure?
Kowl: I remember seeing the “N Project” on Twitter and saw that you could stake the NFT for a token called “$MAGIC.” I looked into Treasure but I decided I wanted to keep my ETH at the time. Big mistake looking back. After hearing about $MAGIC again in the Origins Discord— shout out to Jumpman—I decided to bridge over to Arbitrum and see what all the hype was about. I got my first Smol bag of $MAGIC back in December of 2021 and have been a part of the community ever since.
Sambino: Can you share more about what Treasure Times is and what you are building?
Kowl: The vision for Treasure Times is to be the go-to knowledge and content hub for everything $MAGIC-related. At our core, news and content is what we will focus on but as we are a media business the gates are really open for us to experiment and try out new ideas. 
Sambino: What motivated you to start Treasure Times?
Kowl: I wanted to help the $MAGIC community in some way. As I am not a developer or a skilled artist, I felt like the best way for me to provide value was content. The NFT space moves at lightning speed and staying up to date with everything going on can basically be impossible unless you are on discord and Twitter all day. So the idea dawned on me: “Why not create a daily Tweet thread for all the news/events happening in the $MAGIC ecosystem?” I posted my first daily Twitter thread and the Tweet blew up. After doing the daily $MAGIC news for a few weeks I came across some other community members who were doing something similar to me. I reached out to them and pitched the idea of coming together to form a sort of Treasure media company. By teaming up we can join forces and provide more value to the community, and I think that’s the true alpha in all of this.
Sambino: What can the community expect to see in the future with this project?
Kowl: Treasure Times is still in the early stages, as we only launched about 2 weeks ago but we have many ideas for what we want to create in the future. Our website is currently under development and we hope to launch that soon. We have also started working on an interesting tool that I think the community will find value in. Besides that, we want to keep creating content that the community finds value in, plus start to slowly work on some larger-scale project
Keep up to date with $MAGIC news by following Treasure Times on Twitter. 
Treasure Times | $Magic News
Treasure Times

The first intergalactic smol-class satellite built for the citizen of $MAGIC

the mission really is to become a community-first go-to news and research hub for all things TreasureDAO.


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