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The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #3

Welcome to the Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass! Here, we will share behind-the-scenes updates on what the teams across the Treasure ecosystem are working on, together with a recap of major events which took place over the weeks prior.

We are partnering with Strider to build one of the first bottom-up AAA NFT and web3 game studios: On Sunday, we were proud to announce that we are taking a huge leap forward to realize our vision of the connected metaverse. This AAA project, currently codenamed “Project Bilbo” will serve as a powerful showcase for Treasure, our NFTs and connected ecosystem. As part of this partnership with Strider, we will also be teaming up with a former lead designer from one of the world’s leading MMORPGs.
Today, TreasureDAO takes a huge leap forward in realizing our vision of the connected metaverse.

We’re teaming up with @Strider_DAO and a former lead designer from one of the world’s leading MMORPGs’ to build one of the first bottom-up AAA NFT and web3 game studios.
In light of the exciting partnership, we have opened up TIP-13 for discussion on the forums. Informal voting has started and is set to end on Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 6:00am EDT. If quorum is reached, the TIP will move to formal Snapshot voting shortly thereafter.
Welcome new Marketing & Operations Coordinator, Sambino: We are pleased to announce that Sambino will be joining the team to provide broad support across various areas of operations, communications, stakeholder engagement, and education. 
Our next Builder Series will feature Lost SamuRise on May 3: We will be hosting a new Builder Series panel every two weeks with a different project, guild or builder. Featured next, TIP-09 recipient Lost SamuRise will be sharing what they’ve been building and what’s to come. Be sure to tune in to the Twitter Spaces on Tuesday, May 3 at 9:00pm EDT to hear more! 
If you missed our last Builder Series with BattleFly where they spoke candidly about their Flywheel smart contract, expansion and upcoming game development, you can listen to what was discussed here: 
Play recording: TreasureDAO Builders Series - Battlefly
Questing 2.0 for Bridgeworld marks the first of many upcoming releases to improve gameplay and reach: Questing 2.0 is the first in a number of releases aimed at completing the economic loops in Bridgeworld, and will be followed with more features that successively address inflation for Treasures and Consumables. Questing 2.0 also coincides with ongoing artwork revamps that our artists have been hard at work preparing. They are bringing a sophisticated and distinctly memorable flair to Bridgeworld.
To celebrate this, we have kicked off a campaign to promote the upcoming launch of Questing 2.0 and UI/UX revamps. Join us in Discord (#bw-exploration) to participate in our daily lore writing events, and be on the lookout for artwork leaks and other exciting events on the new @playbridgeworld Twitter account!. Active participation in the lore event on Discord will qualify you to win rewards at the end of the campaign!
Discover the new era of questing and updated art:
Legions, the time has come to discover the new era of questing and explore uncharted frontiers. Assemble into the Ivory Tower and await further commands. Riches and treasures are on the horizon...

Join the exploration on Discord (bw-exploration) ⚔️
Genesis Legion: Reaper.

The Starlight Temple was once one of many temples scattered across Bridgeworld, all but one of which were destroyed during the Schism as were most of the templars who swore to protect them. Those few former templars who remain now call themselves Reapers.
Few men venture into these canyons, and even fewer return. Those who dare and find a way back are always changed from walking the canyons.

Explorers, you were warned. Your choice to embark on a journey into the Corruption Canyon can not be turned back on. Be well.
The Harvesters are coming: We are currently reviewing splitting calculations and the solidity implementation to ensure it maps to the reference Python simulation. Harvester documentation and release materials are also underway. 
More updates on Harvesters and other upcoming plans can be found in the Dev Diary where our team shares plans for future releases, updates on wins, and areas for improvement. 
Ongoing recruitment of bards is needed to continue lore writing: Get in touch with Andiamo#9279 or X_#9776 on Discord for more details. 
Congratulations to the first grant recipients of TIP-09: Candidates of the TIP-09 bootstrapping program were finalized and we are pleased to present The Lost SamuRise and Tales of Elleria as the first two recipients of the grants.
  • Lost SamuRise is a faction based strategy wargame: Played in the fictional world of Tengoku (heaven), SamuRise portrays lore and stylistic elements from classical Japanese ‘Bushido’ culture. Hear from the team in the next Builder Series on May 3 on Twitter Spaces. Help save the lost samurai here: 
  • Tales of Elleria is an immersive role-playing GameFi project: Summon heroes, take on assignments, go on quests and epic adventures to conquer the unknown. Start your adventure here:
TIP-09 means expanding our ecosystem: Players can look forward to earning and using MAGIC and Treasures in these games (with more in the pipeline). This marks the first step in realizing our vision of becoming a “Decentralized Nintendo.” For more information on our assessment criteria and how you can partner with Treasure, check out our Ecosystem Integration Framework
An announcement was made in Discord to update the community on current priorities: In efforts to re-direct communication and maintain transparency, the announcement addresses key discussions and actions the team has taken to build and scale, ship new releases, and create more value for holders, among other priorities. Read the full note by Karel below:
(At the request of many, just reposting this essay of an announcement from the @SmolBrainsNFT Discord.)

Smol fam,

Many of you saw an announcement last night that alluded to updates to our roadmap, our thoughts on community feedback, and other important items to the Smol fam.
Upcoming releases will be announced in the coming days and weeks: The team is working diligently to ship new features on a number of fronts: Swolercycles, the Swols, land, racing, Smolville, and $MAGIC emissions. We also have other projects in the works that will be revealed soon. 
Smolverse Brand rEEEEEEEvamp underway: Stay tuned for some big news to come on an exciting evolution of the Smolverse rebrand.
Updates to farming and land have been made with new explorations on the horizon: Farming has come to a standstill as Swols and Smols prepare for their next mission. Land has continued to update on the moon with Smol geologists hinting at the development of new frontiers. 
Continued work on Smol Racing (game development and design for racing): Before they can race, Swols need wheels to get around. The team is working around the clock to ship Swolercycles out this upcoming week.
Welcome new Life PM, Bahama: As Life continues to grow, so does the team! We are pleased to announce that Bahama has officially jumped in as PM and will play an integral role in helping articulate and realize our project’s vision.
Interesting post-launch stats and milestones: 
  • Total 4.3 Lifeforms staked
  • 210k $MAGIC Offered to the DAO
  • 3.8k Balancer Crystals (BCs) staked
  • 30k Treasures staked
  • 21 Treasures broken from unstaking
  • 90% of all players chose option 3 to offer $MAGIC and stake BCs
Overall, an amazing effort by the Life team!
Welcome new Trove PM, Simmayor: We are pleased to announce that Simmayor will be joining the team. Bringing years of experience helping people find what they’re looking for in web2, he’s excited to make Trove the best marketplace on L2 for NFTs. 
Continued work on backend and infrastructure: Devs have been working to power metadata and image caching which will improve performance significantly over the current Treasure Marketplace and enable eventual net-new features. 
Exciting new development for Trove to be announced this week: Be on the lookout for updates in the coming days!
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