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The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #2

Welcome to the Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass! Here, we share behind-the-scenes updates on what the teams across the Treasure ecosystem are working on, together with a recap of major events which took place over the weeks prior.

Treasure is still hiring! As a matter of priority, we are looking for a Brand, Comms & PR Manager and a Front-End Developer. Please shoot us an application and/or help us spread the word so that we can find the best candidates possible for these positions.
Following up from our last edition of The Compass, we are continuing to work on implementing program and project management frameworks for the Treasure organization, and our various teams are getting up and running on stronger processes and PM tools. This should drive greater productivity, alignment and visibility.
In line with our focus on improving communications, the team has developed a “Stakeholder Engagement Strategy”. This comprehensive document sets out an execution plan to better engage our entire community and ecosystem across the various facets (e.g. builders, partners, players, new users, guilds, Discord community, Twitter, etc). Hopefully you’ve noticed some improvements already but you will see this unfold even more in the coming days and weeks.
The team is also working on an “Ecosystem Roadmap” which will serve as a public facing roadmap and act as an accompaniment to our Bounty Board. The aim of this is to help guide community builders to work with us on key priority projects, tooling, and infrastructure. Many of these initiatives will be eligible for $MAGIC grants.
Earlier, we unveiled a new TreasureDAO Builder Series which will premiere on April 21 at 10:00pm EDT via Twitter Spaces. The first edition will feature BattleFly as its first ever guest who will be sharing more about what they have been building and what is coming next. Don’t forget to set a reminder on Twitter to tune in!
Treasure has emerged victorious in a recent contest run by Arbitrum to participate in the official Arbitrum Odyssey initiative next month. This will culminate in Arbitrum users being able to receive up to 17 free, exclusive NFTs designed by Ratwell. Huge thanks to all who voted!
We also wanted to highlight a Twitter thread from our developer, T1DEV, relating to encryption and released as part of his new “dev blogs” series.
TreasureDAO Builder Series - first guest @BattleFlyGame!

Join our space on the 21st at 10pm EST to find out what they have been building and what is coming next!
Solidity development for Questing v2 has been completed! The team is working on finalizing art and various front end details to roll out a broader art upgrade to all Bridgeworld assets at a later date.
Overall, the team is looking to create more persistent deflationary sinks which will not significantly raise the barriers to entry for players wishing to join at a later time (for instance, levelling grinds or accumulatooor requirements). The team is prototyping other deflationary sinks and assessing patches to increase the competitiveness of legions with respect to mining.
We’ve heard rumors that there may be a couple of new zones for your Legions to quest in soon… 👀
The team also released the inaugural version of the “Bridgeworld Diaries”, a public facing document which contains an overarching view of what the team is working on and building behind the scenes.
As with the rest of the Treasure ecosystem, the Bridgeworld team has been hard at work streamlining our internal processes to be more efficient.
Launching Bridgeworld Development Diary

Our living breathing document to help keep the community updated on what’s happening behind the scenes with what we're building

We'll also be hosting fortnightly AMAs in the discord to go over questions/concerns
The first cohort of grant and MAGIC emission applicants under TIP-09 will be finalised and announced this week. It was great to see so many builders in the ecosystem. Only a small number of high quality projects will progress in this initial cohort to ensure the team can sufficiently monitor the effectiveness of the program. Expect to see more details shortly.
The team has also observed a rising prevalence of ‘short-term flippers’ arising in the communities of many ecosystem partners. This is in part due to the increased awareness of Treasure’s ‘free mint’ model and presence on a low cost layer 2 protocol. As referenced in a prior article, Treasure has evolved its stance to the blanket ‘free mint’ model. Greater nuance is required and should be driven by the underlying business model of the project.
Full body Smols can now be generated in the Smol Brains discord, thanks to the efforts of Commonopoly and Cure For Optimism!
Smol geologists have strongly suggested getting your Smols and Swols out of the farming mines and caves within the next few days, or we may face a catastrophic event from lunar surface instability. Good things are in store for those who follow the science…
Swolercycles are launching soon for Swols, but first… Swols will need their headshots ready for their driver’s licenses! 📸
Smol Bodies
We are ready for Gen-0! The team is running some final tests, but Life is, well, coming alive on April 18 at 6:00pm PDT! 🚀
Ahead of the launch, the Lifepaper has been updated with Realm-specific skills (page 19).
Thank you to all who participated in the Twitter Seed of Life giveaway for 3 Seed of Life NFTs! Congratulations to the winners: @alpenoiko, @_trofy_ and @talonz840314. We are still running giveaways in the Treasure Discord for 7 Seed of Life NFTs (in connection with the art, lore writing, and wildcard contests), with winners to be announced soon.
Life NFT
Life Launch Time:

6:00 pm PDT
Monday, 18 April 2022
We have announced three more launch partners, Mushrohms, The 8BitDAO, and Smulips! Further launch partners will be shared every Monday and Thursday at 10:00am EDT.
Our development team has been continuing work on Trove’s backend and the infrastructure required to power Trove. We are excited to share what we’ve been working on with you all in due course.
The team is continuing to accept any and all of the feedback on Trove via our Canny board. We are listening - please keep the feedback coming!
Announcing Trove’s next launch partner, @Mushrohms!

Mushrohms are a fungi-loving NFT community on the way to Arbitrum with 1,500 1st Gens and 3,550 Next Gens. Stake your Mushrohm at the Mothershrohm to earn Sporepower soon!

Join their Discord here:
This edition of The Compass was made possible by: a1rport, End, Peita, Karel, Gaarp, and Santi.
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