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The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #1

Welcome to the inaugural Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass! Here, we will share behind-the-scenes updates on what the teams across the Treasure ecosystem are working on, together with a recap of major events which took place over the weeks prior.

Zinko, Treasure’s new Program Manager (ex-Google), is working on implementing a program and project management framework to be applied across the various verticals and teams in the Treasure organization. The aim is to elevate our planning, visibility and productivity across the board. This is part of a broader push to professionalize our ways of working as we have significantly scaled our team in the past few weeks.
We have also been actively engaging in numerous partnership discussions with L1 projects to bring them over to Treasure, Trove and Arbitrum.
Treasure is working on evolving its overall branding as the decentralized video game console while we solidify our position in the market.
We announced our first three launch partners, Birds‘N’Blades, Elefrens, and Flip Project in the past two weeks! There are more partner announcements to come in the weeks leading up to Trove’s launch in Q2.
A number of things are in motion behind the scenes - the Trove team is currently working on product management, user research, interviews and hiring, and working through the launch partner queue.
Questing v2 is currently under development. Three test contracts were deployed which represent the first of a series of Bridgeworld releases aimed at addressing many community concerns, and closing all of the economy loops in Bridgeworld.
Some savvy sleuths managed to find the deployed test contracts. We see you. 👀
Crafting EXP was temporarily paused to avoid Harvester part inflation as the team prepares for the launch of Harvesters. Crafting EXP will resume leading into the harvester launch, and we will give ample notice of this so that players can resume crafting once resumed.
Guild pools are emerging in Bridgeworld introducing innovation and new dynamics into the ecosystem. Reception has been mixed, as some expressed delight while others have concerns about the implications and downstream impacts of “cartel-like” entities. While Bridgeworld is a game of social coordination, maintaining balance and competition is paramount to ensure long-term sustainability. As a design principle, no single party (including cartels) should have undue influence or control. The team is closely monitoring the situation and working through balancing solutions, including speaking with the guilds in question.
Smols and Swols continue farming on the moon! The team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on motorized transports for the Swols.
New Smol collaborations with Toadstoolz and KaijuKingz were announced this past week. It seems the Kaijus might be preparing for a potential arrival on L2… the best question might not be ‘wen’ but ‘with whom’? 👀
Long-standing community moderator, Archang, has also officially joined the Smolverse team!
If spent much time in our discord, you know @Archang01. There are not many I know more dedicated or who work harder for the community. I can't think of anyone better to manage ours.

Welcome to the Smol team!
In anticipation of launch of Gen-0, the Life team has been working on finalising the assets to be used in the game. Finishing touches are being implemented ahead of release, while the team continues to grow and build in preparation for Gen-1.
TIP-09 Applications
Four of our partner projects, Peek-A-Boo, Tales of Elleria, RealmDAO and SmithyDAO launched on the Treasure Marketplace over the past few days!
The Treasure team is in the final stages of assessing applications and grant proposals for our initial cohort of TIP-09 partners. Thank you to all projects for submitting an application! We have noted some pain points in the application process during this application cycle, and are looking to refine these for future cohorts.
For applications in respect of future cohorts, the team will be implementing a more standard process for treasury swaps, marketplace listings, and grant assessments in respect of applicants. With respect to future partner applications, the team also intends to implement a more efficient selection process to ensure that projects of the highest quality are selected to receive $MAGIC emissions, in line with a conservative approach to use of DAO $MAGIC funds.
Tech and Development
This week, we welcomed Shimsho and Luffy to the Treasure dev team! Shimsho is a web developer for the Trove and Smolverse teams, and Luffy will be joining the Trove team as a backend developer.
The dev team has been hard at work. The Trove front end is constantly being refined and tested, and the backend now provides cached metadata through its API. The Treasure Marketplace also allows for setting collection-specific royalties for a collection’s preferred royalty wallet. The team is also progressing on the Treasure AMM.
On March 26th, the team held a Town Hall. The recording has been posted in the Treasure Discord in a new channel for Town Hall recordings (link).
We are continuing to hire several roles across the organization (link). Notably, we are looking for an experienced Brand, Communications and PR Manager to help bring Treasure to the masses and shape the brand and narrative behind our decentralized video game console.
The team has been actively spending time listening to community feedback, and is always open to hearing from you. As such, we have unveiled new forums to submit your ideas and feedback across our different verticals and products:
If you have any comments or questions for the team, please do let us know and we will do our best to respond.
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