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Ready Layer One

Ready Layer One
Trove has released Ethereum L1 support to grow Treasure’s universe of gaming and metaverse projects.
Today, we are excited to release Ethereum Layer 1 (L1) support for Trove, the NFT marketplace that personalizes and gamifies your experience as a collector, gamer, and trader.
Coinciding with the launch of the Commoners collection by artist Commonopoly, this is just one of the many other steps that we have been taking to advance TreasureDAO’s support for builders and gaming/metaverse projects both within and beyond Arbitrum. 
As part of the launch, we will be running an exclusive giveaway for anyone who buys a Commoner on Trove to be eligible to win 1 of 6 free Commoners (details below).
But first, more on why we decided to launch Trove on L1.
Layer 1, Meet Trove
Trove was built with the possibility for multi-chain support from the onset.
Since launching, we’ve written over US$265M in marketplace volume across MAGIC and ETH denominated collections to emerge as the dominant NFT marketplace on Arbitrum. During this journey, we have met with (and continue to meet) dozens of potential partners in our mission to become the decentralized game console and expand our ecosystem of game cartridges.
One of the most common questions that we receive: wen L1?
Early Signs
We first saw this dynamic play out with some of our earliest partners (Knights of the Ether and Lost SamuRise) who initially launched on L1 but later moved to Treasure on L2 (Arbitrum). Since then, we’ve heard from our partner prospects that they’ve been planning to launch their projects on L1 first but really want to work with the Treasure ecosystem in some way, shape or form. 
To us, this made a ton of sense in order to tap into what is, arguably, a larger market of collectors with deeper liquidity for NFTs (at least for now). By employing this approach, it would allow them to build their brand, grow their community, and set a strong foundation for their project. From there, they could springboard off towards building their game which would require lower transaction costs and higher throughput – everything a scaling solution and L2 like Arbitrum would solve for. As these projects build, we will remain in constant contact and observe their growth while providing support around tokenomics, community growth, go-to-market strategies, game design, and more.
No matter the pathway, whether it’s via L1 or L2, our hope is to be the best partner to pioneer web3 gaming. Trove will play an important role in making this happen by serving as the onramp to Treasure.
How will L1 support work?
Users on Trove will now be able to identify which chain each collection and NFT resides on via the following icons:
When necessary, there will also be prompts when needed to switch to the appropriate chain for transactions. 
Trove’s marketplace contract continues to be 100% on-chain with no centralized orderbook. This means that listing, buying, bidding, delisting, canceling bids, and accepting bids are all performed on-chain and will require a gas fee. As a result, you may notice higher gas fees when trading collections and NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet than you would when transacting on Arbitrum.
While we have thought a ton about evolving towards a hybrid on-/off-chain marketplace model to optimize for gas efficiency and have started heading down this path, we don’t currently have a set timeline for this.
Commoners by Commonopoly
Commoners are 6,969 CC0 pixel characters by artist Commonopoly. The traits are a compilation of interactions and experiences deriving attributes from everywhere and everyone. Treasure’s Smol Brains customs are an inspiration for this collection. Other traits are remixed from Nouns, Cryptoadz, Cryptopunks, BAYC, Doodles and countless other projects - pushing a fresh spin on existing content.
Commonopoly holds a very special place in our hearts within the Treasure community. Since December, he has created hundreds of custom Smol Brains PFPs. By mashing multiple collections together, this allowed people to exist in multiple projects at the same time.
In commemoration of the launch, we will be running an exclusive giveaway for anyone who buys a Commoner on Trove by Tuesday, August 30 at 4:20pm EDT to be eligible to win 1 of 6 free Commoners. Winners will be randomly drawn and airdropped to the winning wallet addresses.
Trade Commoners on Trove and !be common.
Other L1 Collections
The current list of L1 collections that are presently supported can be found here under Trove’s General Collections:
Even more L1 collections are coming soon:
  • EtherOrcs
  • Bitmates
  • … and many more!
We will be running our next promotional campaign with another L1 collection within the next week… who could it possibly be?
What’s next for Trove?
Since launching in June, Trove has shipped quickly to attain and exceed feature parity with the original Treasure Marketplace. 
We will soon be shifting our focus towards (i) personalization and gamification to level up your experience as a collector, gamer, and trader; (ii) easing the onboarding and collector experience for all users (including those who are not yet in the Treasure ecosystem); (iii) developing more builder enablement and publishing tools; and (iv) exploring new and innovative NFT trading models to power the Treasure ecosystem.
We’ve got a lot in store as we head into the fall so stay tuned. In the meantime, explore our new L1 collections on Trove, follow the Trove account on Twitter, or, if you’re an L1 project interested in building with TreasureDAO, contact us at or DM @0xkarel on Twitter.
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