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Bridgeworld Games: The Next Evolution of Treasure

Bridgeworld Games
Treasure’s native metaverse is a place called Bridgeworld. The inhabitants of Bridgeworld are Legions, who quest for treasures to acquire MAGIC. This resource is used to spark life throughout the TreasureDAO ecosystem and perform upgrades and activities like crafting.
Starting today, MAGIC farming will enter a new phase. Legions will be able to harness the power of Harvesters, which are enormous creatures that collect and exude MAGIC from Bridgeworld’s environments. (Harvesters are so large that the Legions have room to build multiple cities on a single one’s back.) The Legions have devised ways unique to each lifeform (NFT collections) of extracting MAGIC from the Harvesters. The instruments that allow Legions to harness these creatures are called Harvester Parts. Legions place these parts on the creature to divert emissions, like rain collectors.
Bridgeworld Games are a mechanism for connecting projects across the entire web3 space. Other collections can build portals into Bridgeworld and challenge the current owner of a Harvester. After winning the challenge, the conqueror is allowed to repurpose the Harvester and change the world on the Harvester’s back into the likeness of their home metaverse. We are working with partners inside and outside the Treasure ecosystem to grow the Harvesters Games into an industry-wide competition. In this way, MAGIC creates the opportunity for connecting the entire NFT community, no matter the genre or blockchain.
Bridgeworld: Gaming Platform
Bridgeworld should be thought of as a gaming platform more so than a game itself. As part of our decentralized Nintendo thesis, we believe that Bridgeworld can function like a decentralized “video game console.” The format of the Bridgeworld Games can change and be swapped out like video game cartridges. The DAO decides the format for these games and the metrics that determine whether guilds can overtake the Harvester. Through Harvesters, Treasure elevates itself from being a game-maker to a framework for connecting web3 games across the entire space. Treasure can incorporate other projects’ games and NFTs into our Harvester tournaments. We are currently working with several ecosystem partners on potential Harvester integrations and invite builders from across the space to participate.
Bridgeworld functions as a base layer metaverse. The land in Bridgeworld is a composite of other metaverses’ land, allowing Treasure to incorporate other games and projects into our overall framework. Treasure avoided tokenized real estate because we view land NFTs as a dead-end strategy for ecosystem growth. Building a metaverse around the concept of physical land caps the total number of users that can be onboarded and creates imaginative constraints on what the metaverse can become. Treasure is larger than a single project. It is an ecosystem. We think about our metaverse as something that connects other communities rather than competes with them.
Treasure is building a highly adaptive, modular metaverse. We expect Bridgeworld to evolve over time, both in terms of aesthetic and storytelling. Harvesters are the mechanism that the DAO can use to slowly and carefully steer Treasure as a whole in a new direction, without requiring a change to the fundamental MAGIC emissions policy. The DAO has already codified MAGIC emissions. Bridgeworld is the recipient of new MAGIC created in the Treasure ecosystem, collected by Legions using various apparatuses. Through Harvesters, Treasure can adapt to the changing realities of blockchain gaming (regarding genre and game design) and remain the preeminent network of games and communities in web3.
Moreover, Harvesters function as modular laboratories for testing different kinds of games. Initially, we will begin with two Harvesters to prove out the overall model, but the DAO can add as many Harvesters as it would like over time. It is inevitable that some formats for Bridgeworld Games will become out-dated or fail from the get-go. Pivoting from a single game design for MAGIC emissions to isolated experiments via Harvesters will allow the DAO to iterate on the most sustainable, mainstream-friendly approach for our organization.
Most critically, Harvesters allow Treasure to increase the circulation of MAGIC throughout the ecosystem and support key games building on top of Treasure. The DAO can use these other games as the cartridges, meaning the DAO can start to divert emissions into new worlds without destroying Bridgeworld’s (or Legions’) importance to the overall ecosystem. Harvesters are also ways for guilds and other DAOs to financially bootstrap themselves, increasing economic resiliency across Treasure through deeper linkages between projects and distributed networks of sinks for game items.
We are seeing ecosystem games such as BattleFly and Realm engage in Bridgeworld Games with the intent to earn MAGIC that can be passed down to their players in competitive game formats. BattleFly, with the help of ClocksnatcherDAO, is leveraging its staking-as-a-service feature known as Flywheel to incentivize partners to incorporate MAGIC staking into their gameplay. Partners in turn stake MAGIC directly into their Flywheel contract to earn rewards from Harvesters. 
Realm and LifeDAO have partnered to pool resources for the games. Players in Realm have the option to stake MAGIC to receive MAGIC Refineries that direct a portion of emissions from the Harvester to their communities. 
Over the last year, Treasure has grown from a tiny Loot derivative into a veritable ecosystem with 50+ community partners. With Harvesters, the ecosystem is poised to experience an exponential increase in game integrations and interoperability between these games. We believe that interoperability is the 0 to 1 moment for web3 gaming. Projects within the ecosystem enjoy greater financial sustainability, higher retention of users, and most importantly, the ability to provide an inimitable gaming experience for their players by leveraging the power of the MAGIC network.
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