The Compass by TreasureDAO

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Thoughts and updates from TreasureDAO, the decentralized video game console.

Thoughts and updates from TreasureDAO, the decentralized video game console.

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Announcing Treasure's $3.5M Token Sale and Partnership with BattleFly

We are ecstatic to announce the close of our $3.5M MAGIC token sale at a $80M fully diluted valuation and its ratification by the DAO community. The token sale was led by Digital Strategies Guild with participation from previous partners, 1kx, Neon DAO and ID…


Building the First Homebrew Cartridge for Treasure, the Decentralized Game Console

We’re early. Like really early. Not only that, but we’re in a space where stability doesn’t exist. This is likely because the ecosystem is still in its infancy.With the crazy bull run we had last year, you could have spent 8 ETH minting 100 BAYC and made 1,50…


Ready Layer One

Trove has released Ethereum L1 support to grow Treasure’s universe of gaming and metaverse NFTs.


Bridgeworld Games: The Next Evolution of Treasure

Treasure’s native metaverse is a place called Bridgeworld. The inhabitants of Bridgeworld are Legions, who quest for treasures to acquire MAGIC. This resource is used to spark life throughout the TreasureDAO ecosystem and perform upgrades and activities like …


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #7

Arbitrum Odyssey has kicked off!: The journey for Arbitrum Odyssey—a 2 month-long event aimed at encouraging new and existing users to explore different parts of the Arbitrum ecosystem— has launched. We have moved into week 2 and are excited to have partnered…


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #6

We’re proud to reveal Treasure’s rebrand and new website ( Treasure has rebranded with a new brand and visual identity as we set forth to build the decentralized game console. This rebranding turns the page to our next chapter of growth, …


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #5

New $MAGIC HOUR episode featuring Gaarp: In the latest episode of $MAGIC HOUR, Gaarp sat down with Braiker and team to discuss topics including the future of Web3, how to build in this space, and what teams need to achieve success.Listen to the full episode:


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #4

Treasure was featured in Naavik’s Metacast podcast: Last week, John Patten and 0xkarel were featured in the Metacast; a business-focused podcast that explores the future of gaming. The pair sat down to discuss Treasure’s $MAGIC ecosystem, on-chain economic pr…


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #3

We are partnering with Strider to build one of the first bottom-up AAA NFT and web3 game studios: On Sunday, we were proud to announce that we are taking a huge leap forward to realize our vision of the connected metaverse. This AAA project, currently codenam…


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #2

Treasure is still hiring! As a matter of priority, we are looking for a Brand, Comms & PR Manager and a Front-End Developer. Please shoot us an application and/or help us spread the word so that we can find the best candidates possible for these positions…


The Compass by TreasureDAO - Issue #1

Welcome to the inaugural Treasure bi-weekly newsletter, The Compass!