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Law Of Attraction: Have LOA Will Travel

travel freak
travel freak
Law Of Attraction: Have LOA Will Travel

Do you dream of travelling to a faraway place? Of course you do. Everyone dreams of some exotic tropical island holiday, skiing on snow-capped mountains, trekking down some unbeaten trails or maybe experience some extreme adventure somewhere.
Unfortunately, you never actually got down to planning any one of it simply because you think they are just too expensive and you can’t afford it. Why accept defeat so easily? You have just as much right to travel the world as anyone else. Do you know you can make it happen? How does this relate to the law of
Personally, I had refused to entertain the idea of travelling when I was much younger despite my husband’s eagerness to see the world beyond our land. I had always thought of better uses for my savings than to waste it on travelling where upon our return the experience only remain as visions in my mind. However, deep down inside I harbor a desire to travel to the country of my dream, New Zealand. We traveled frequently within our country and after relenting to our first travel abroad in 2002 to Australia my desire to visit New Zealand grew stronger although it didn’t rank at the top of my husband’s travel list.
Since then, I had been dreaming, planning and visualizing our travels abroad and so far, we have been to several places in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Macau. The best news is we will be heading to the Land of the Kiwis in less than 2 weeks’ time.
Behind this marvelous opportunity to travel to the country of my dream is the law of attraction. According to this universal law, you create your own reality. What you put your focus, thoughts and emotions on will turn into things. This is deliberate creation that is a unique power every one of us are born with. Therefore, you too can manifest your travel dreams.
According to the law of attraction, you only need to master 3 simple steps to achieve your dream;
Step 1 - Identify your desires and ask:
When you ask knowing what you truly want, you are vibrating an emotion with your thought energy and the Universe will match it by giving the same in return. The stronger your emotion, the faster the attraction. So when you ask, feel strongly and positively about whatever you want.
Step 2 - Raise your vibration by believing:
Just believe it when you tell yourself “what you ask is already given.” The moment you are clear about what you want, the process of deliberate creation has already started and in the process of being delivered to you. Do not be bothered on the how and when but simply focus on the end result.
Step 3 - Allow it by getting past your doubts:
Once you have put forward your request to the Universe and believe that it is already on its way, you need to be ready to receive. Allow yourself to receive the returns from the Universe by putting yourself into auto-pilot mode. Be excited and be grateful just like a little child receiving a Christmas present and you will strengthen the vibration of your emotions.
Before you actually proceed to consciously apply the law of attraction by observing the 3 steps, it is as important to rein in your emotions. Learn to take charge of it so that climbing back to your feel good level will always be easy. With practice, the deliberate creation through the law of attraction becomes a second nature.
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travel freak
travel freak

travel freak

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