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Issue #4 - Fostering Creative Collaboration

In this time of disruptive market-change, you need to do the following: anticipate industry trends, b

Transforming Talent Insights

June 4 · Issue #4 · View online
Feeding the Passion for Transformation: Be it Talent, Culture, Work or HR

In this time of disruptive market-change, you need to do the following: anticipate industry trends, best leverage customer insight, challenge industry myths, engage talent (HEC Paris) and understand where the expertise inherent in your organization drives your innovative advantage.  To do so, you need the best, most creative minds working together.  
Yep - sounds about right.
But how do you get those creative minds working together?
If creative collaboration is so wonderful and is what most organizations strive to make happen, why is it so seemingly difficult to obtain?  Well, collaboration doesn’t happen simply because people can play foosball in the break room.  One must make the culture shift explicit: Case-in-point Microsoft going from a culture of “Know-it-alls to Learn-it-alls”. 
Why must it be explicit? There is a large amount of pride and status associated with being an “expert” e.g. there is a lot of ego and discomfort of stepping outside of the comfort zone into an unfamiliar learning zone.  But when people do get into that learning zone and into the “flow”, the amazing power of creative collaboration is able to be tapped. 
Therefore, this week’s issue, we are diving into the “how” via the power of radical candor (e.g. say what you think without being a jerk), brave spaces (where there is power to stand up to groupthink) and how to learn to love criticism (ahem…personal growth) which are essential for fostering a true learning and innovation culture that one would like to be a part of. 

The Why You Want It
Susan Scott - The Case for Radical Transparency - YouTube
Innovation Shifts Because of It
Satya Nadella explains in Fast Company: The C in CEO Stands for Cul­ture
Why Nike Sees Social Responsibility As An Opportunity To Innovate
Curating Collaboration
What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team - The New York Times
At work, a respectful culture is better than a nice one — Quartz at Work
As a Leader and Learner Yourself
Difference between obnoxious aggression and radical candor: Author Kim Scott - YouTube
How to love criticism? WorkLife with Adam Grant by TED Talks on Apple Podcasts
Collaboration and networks beyond your organizational borders are more and more commonplace.  What are your experiences in fostering a culture of true collaboration?  What worked well?  What not so well?
I am looking forward to hearing your insights! Thanks!
Happy exploring!
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